Stream of consciousness: Anthropologie January catalogue

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Want to browse the January 2010 catalogue on your own? Here it is.

Bonjour Janvier!

Lift-Off Jacket ($118), Sun Dot Dress ($148),
Foil-Wrapped Heels ($358)
There is something irresistible about
street bikes and polka dots...

Bright Side Blouse ($98)
...where was that page about winter...
hmm...can't seem to find it...

Shoofly Trench ($198), Around The World Dress ($168),
Sweetheart Oxfords ($218)
...hey you with the umbrella!
Come on over and help a girl out...

Snipped & Stitched Tank ($88) &
Aniseed Skirt ($128)
...the tank and skirt look cute,
but it's the bread I really want from this shot...

Frills & Stripes Blouse ($88) & Gainsborough Pencil Skirt ($148)
...the color palette of this shot is amazing.
The blouse however is ruffle overabundance...

Bougainvillea Cardigan ($128), Dollops-Of-Cream Blouse ($88),
Beaming Links Belt ($24) & Stowaway Skirt ($78)
...for those that missed the Flocked Chiffon Blouse,
this is a reasonable alternative...

Wright Dress ($168) &
Midas Braids Belt ($48, not yet online)
...brings back memories of the mobiles
from baby times...

Boundless Blazer ($118) & Emmer Corset Top ($78)
...I'm no blazer fan, but this is one of two
outfits from the catalogue I adore featuring
the sturdy top layer...

Midnight Daisy Cardigan ($148) & Bouquet Of Stripes Tee ($68)
...Secret Agent Daisy whispers the secret password
for entry...

Cinched Cables Cardigan ($118), Spotlights Tank ($58),
Milady Skirt ($58) & Soaring Pistachio Platforms ($218)
...the combination of color, texture and shape
of this outfit is AMAZING...bravo...

Paisley Kerchief ($38), Boundless Blazer ($118), Tiny Tucks Tunic ($78),
Joe's Dark Rinse Leggings ($78) & Sweetheart Oxfords ($218)
...the other adorable blazer outfit...

Caramel Swag Booties ($198) more lovely confection among dozens...

Blithe Spectrum Sneakers ($258), Latticed Oxfords ($258, not yet online)
& Sweetheart Oxfords ($218)
...this should be a new store -- shoes & delights...

Italian Campaign Canopy Bed ($1250-$1900),
Filigree Leaf Sheet Set ($148-$168),
Paisley Foliage Sheet Set ($148-$168),
Rosette Bedding ($58-$268) & Coqo Rug ($78-$898)
...once ready to retire, this would be a lovely scene
to come home to...