Thursday, December 3, 2009

Reviews: Tees and Tops, part two

This outfit kills me and I mean that in the best way possible. If I could I would reach into the picture and trade clothes with the model right away. The sweater is the glorious Hues Unfolding Cardi ($128) by Knitted & Knotted which I have not seen yet and under it is Ric Rac's Forever Garden Tee ($58) which is the first top in this review set.

Ric Rac is one of my favorite Anthropologie brands and I love just about everything by them. But this top wasn't really winning me over. I'm not a huge fan of tieback tops and this piece is so soft that it feels weird having one. The deep v-neck exposed more than I was comfortable with for a work top. The cut of the chest doesn't leave much room for busty women. I think this top is meant for smaller chests.

I liked the print a lot though, and the black piping along the neckline is a nice touch. I usually take smalls in Ric Rac and that's what I tried on here. It's a pretty top but not for me.

Yoana Baraschi's Tea Leaves Top ($68) in another deep v-neck. With some fiddling in my true size medium I was able to get good coverage up top. My waist looks tiny in this top to be sure but I think my hips and bust look huge as a result. Even the product shot seems to have this effect a bit.

It's another soft shirt. The polka dot patterns are both very cool though I wish the sleeves had been kept consistent with the bodice. For someone looking to add shape I think this top would be a terrific choice. Back to the rack for me though.

This Weston Wear top isn't online yet. It's $78 and I tried on the medium. Tiebacks aside (I'd remove it if I bought it) it's a fun little top. The bodice is all black pleats while the body is grey jersey. The top gives good coverage yet looks pretty. I would pair this under a cardigan or jacket and most likely use it for casual wear.

The top has a great shape to it, tapering in just below the bust and then softly drifting back out into an a-line. The back has a v to it but still ended well above my bra strap. It's simple but very well done. And I always feel compelled to mention that this top was made in the USA and I love that.

The website says this top is by Ric Rac, but I remember it as Deletta. Either way this top made it into the dressing room with me. It's the Painted Porcelain Tee ($58) and I think it's my favorite of the 8 I tried on. The pattern is nostalgic to me; I think I had a similar shirt as a kid. The body print kind of reminds me of Marimekko while the neckline embroidery is pretty in pink. I tried on the small and it fit wonderfully.

There is a ruched seam just below the bust to create an empire shape. Great touch -- it universally flatters. This is a beautiful tee and though it's silly I wish it were $48 instead of $58; I would have impulse bought it right away instead of waiting and adding it to my wishlist.

Have you tried on or bought any of these tops? I got some great suggestions this morning -- are there other tops you'd like to see IRL shots of?


surrlie said...

Re: Flower Garden Tee

Do you think you could tie the bow in the front? I was contemplating this shirt but the bow gave me pause also as I usually wear a cardigan.

By the way, thanks for blogging about Anthro! I've been following for a while and if I ever have a question about an item this is the first place I look. :)

Katie said...

The forever garden definitely wasn't meant for small chests, either. =( It is totally my style, so I wanted it so badly, but the XS was like a really revealing potato sack on me. Nothing about that top was right for me, alas. I actually think it looks great on you, and I'm jealous of the fit, but if you're not comfortable in something, don't get it. =)

roxy said...

surrlie, I don't think so because the tie is sewn to the front of the shirt. It might pull. But I will try next time I'm at the store (aka tomorrow) and report back.

Katie - ah, I stand corrected. Thank you for the compliment! For going out I don't mind showing some cleavage but this was too much for a daytime look to me.

Bronzi said...

Please try on the Hydrangea Furry Vest! It looks so beautiful online and the Waltzing Daphane Blouse.....PLEASE!

Tien said...

Roxy, I think that forever garden top looks great on you. My first reaction to it was WOW! I don't think it would look nearly as great on me as it does on you. Maybe with a camisole underneath?

But, yeah, if you're not comfortable in it, no matter how great it looks, you still wouldn't be comfortable.

Kim said...

Wow, the print on the Forever Garden Tee you tried looks quite a bit different than the one I tried on last weekend! I really like it on you. Sadly, I'm sized out of that one.
I also reviewed the Weston Wear top and really liked it. I have to say I love it on you.

Tien said...

Sorry, I didn't mean the Forever Garden top, I meant the Tea Leaves Top. The Yoana Baraschi is the one that WOWed me.

Georgine said...

I like the Painted Tee. Hopefully it will stay around awhile so I can buy it and wear it. I did do some shopping today at Anthropologie. I bought the big flower necklace (thanks to Roxy's photos), tights, underwear and an octopus ornament for my 3 year old. I figure the necklace will dress up a boring black maternity sweater as will the tights. Didn't find a purse - my store just doesn't carry a huge selection.

And, as usual, I am jealous over anyone who had cleavage, but agree, work is not the place for it - unless maybe you need to a promotion? Just kidding.

gigiofca said...

Too bad about the Ric Rac top. It's so pretty. I trust your judgment about the pieces and I love the irl pics. Their images are so washed out in the catalog.

Nicole said...

I bought the Painted Porcelain tee last week. I confess it's my first full price clothing purchase at Anthropologie. I loved it when I tried it on!

Maria said...

The Tea Leaves top is my fave. I will be sure to try it on now. I actually don't think your bust and hips look big, but maybe that's just because the photo is inaccurate. Of course, it's all about how you feel!

Chrissy said...

I just love the Painted Porcelain Tee by Deletta (incorrectly labeled as Ricrac on the Anthro website). It looks so much better on the body and in person than in the web photo. I tried the xs and it made my waist look amazing, while giving me a little room for the tummy. I'm planning to buy it as soon as I get paid, and I'm not even a fan of t shirts.

Chrissy said...

And I mean the photo on Anthro's site, not your photo...the top looks GREAT on you!

roxy said...

Bronzi - on it. =)

Tien, Kim, & Maria - thanks ladies!

Georgine - You will love the necklace. I am buying the black this weekend. Sad you didn't find a purse. My Anthros seem to have each bag out for a week before it either sells out or gets rotated out.

Open ABP, speaking of purses - if anyone sees the Captured Knots Bag at their Anthro please let me know! CS says they're sold out, I'm in denial.

Gigi - I agree. Jezebel did a catalog roundup today and Dodai said it made her feel like she had glaucoma. Perfect assessment.

Nicole - congrats on the buy! Great choice in my humble opinion.

Chrissy - I am also eagerly waiting payday. Just a few more hours now.

ath said...

Are u wearing uggs in these pics? If so, what color are they?

Anonymous said...

Roxy, awesome reviews! Really helpful.

Could you please review the Rose-Is-A-Rose Headband and Cecily Tunic?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review of the Forever Garden top, it really confirms my feeling that I should pass on it -- even though the print is so great and I love the dark "belting". I wish there were a way of letting Anthro know the number of items people are passing on just becuase of lowcutness and sheerness.

roxy said...

ath - they're fake Uggs from Costco. My parents actually snagged them for me. They're grey.

Anon @ 6:27 - added to my search list!

Anon @ 6:57 - me too. I suppose if an item doesn't sell they could start to notice the trend.

ali said...

Hi Roxy
tried the ric rac top on also. felt it was too big and gaped at the armholes. which is a shame as it is a pretty print. i love the deletta top, will have to look for it in my stores

Anonymous said...

Hi Roxy,

I would love to see an IRL review of the Fold & Flutter V-neck if it shows up in one of your stores.