Reviews: Breton and Rugby Stripes

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Praised be Tiny, they make their items long! It's great not to tug at hems and cuffs every five minutes to get the length I want. They have earned a special place in my little heart. This is their preppy university-inspired Badge Of Blooms Cardigan ($78). The cuffs fold over easily but I left them undone so you could see the full length.

I grabbed my true size medium and it fit like a charm. The stripes are navy blue (they look black in the product photo to me) and the embellished floral badge reminds everyone that I am a disciple of the school of Anthro. It's maybe a bit too cutesy for my taste. The pocket placement says 'look at my hips' but since there's some tailoring to this cotton jersey piece everything stays in proportion. It's a medium weight top that is suitable for keeping you warm at the office but isn't really built for winter coldness. Added to the wishlist.

The contrast of rugby stripe toughness and soft frilly lace on this cardigan by Charlotte Tarantola really threw me for a loop. It's the Field Game Cardigan ($118). Meanwhile over at Bloomingdales the same price yields you a good three more inches of material and a more subtle navy lace placket. It really comes down to your personal taste. The buttons on the Anthropologie version are much nicer than the fug ones Bloomingdales got.

I tried on my true size medium and it was too close for comfort. Nothing like pulling at horizontal stripes to make a girl feel wide as a Mack truck. I'd size up to a large to buy this. I have to admit I'm not really digging the ivory lace. I can see how this would make a lovely top layer over a pencil skirt and a cami with a scalloped neckline. Not working for me though. Too frilly and too short. Back to the rack.

Charlotte Tarantola at ShopStyle

On a side note, for those who missed out on the High Speed Cardigan Searle is offering a comparable version of the cardigan. It's not quite the same -- it's shorter and it has a small bow at the neckline with a ruffled placket -- but it's close. I love the styling of this model shot. I will try to swing by the store sometime this week to try this on.