OOTD: What I wore this week

Saturday, December 5, 2009

2009-11-18 098

Oh man you guys. I am so excited because it's cold out today! And maybe even going to snow! I know, I'm sick. But I love the cold. I dug out this fantabulous hat that I got during my last trip to Colorado. I bought it at this little store on Pearl St called Momentum. I loved that it's a store focused on social responsibility and fair trade. This hat is awesome, one more shot of the flower below.

This is pretty much my cold weather uniform. Skinnies, boots, sweater, vest or coat, cute hat. Done. I know a lot of people have complaints about J.Crew's cashmere quality but I've had extremely good luck with it. I wish it was higher quality but you cannot beat their colors. The necklace is of course from Anthropologie and it's big but versatile -- you'll see it in another outfit from this week. I also love my puffer vest. It's from J.Crew's 2005 winter line...one of the oldest items I still own from them. The style is great. It's got a zipper and then four exposed buttons. There are little elastic loops you pull over the buttons to close the top layer. Fantastic quality -- my cost per wear is down to about $2 from a $100 vest.

Sweater: J.Crew cashmere shawl popover in heather hydrangea (now $150)
Cami: Old Navy Lace-trim cami (similar here)
Jeans: Express Mia skinnies (similar here)
Boots: Ugg knockoffs from Costco(!) (the real thing here)
Necklace: Radiant Necklace ($48)
Hat: Handmade, purchased in Colorado
Vest: J.Crew puffer vest (similar here)

The sweater here is part of the Rachel Rachel Roy diffusion line. It's all Chloe's fault -- she shared a friends & family code and I couldn't resist. The length is terrific for the tall peeps like me and I love both the neckline the front pocket. I rocked the puffer vest over it earlier this week. Then there's the boots. Everyone wants to know about the boots. They're J.Crew's Tall Brewster Boots from last fall (mine are espresso though, not black). I bought them at full price and I don't regret it one bit. They slouch perfectly and more importantly they fit over my ridiculous calves. The earrings are Anthro's Urchin's Shell Earrings, no longer online but still floating around in stores for $10.

Sweater: Rachel Rachel Roy Long Sleeve Cabled Pullover
Earrings: Urchin's Shell Earrings (now $10)
Jeans: Express Zelda Skinny Jeans in Dark Rinse ($60)
Boots: J.Crew Brewster Tall Boots in Espresso (similar here and here)

Silly as it sounds I'm proud of myself for wearing the Rustled Air Sweater. The shoulders put it outside my comfort zone. But I loved everything about it when I tried it on so come sale time I was in. Now I'm glad I pulled the trigger. This outfit is vintage no doubt. It's fun to play around with different styles. As I mentioned earlier this week though the Flaxen Wedges are no longer available online Rockefeller Center and Soho both have pairs on sale for $90, mostly in smaller sizes. And here's the Radiant Necklace again, below in close-up:

2009-11-18 200

Sweater: Rustled Air Sweater (now $40)
Necklace: Radiant Necklace ($48)
Skirt: J.Crew Vintage Cord Pencil Skirt in glazed pecan ($60)
Tights: Hue Opaque tights in brown ($13)
Shoes: Flaxen Wedges (now $90, no longer online)

For some reason the Bengal Stripe Skirt made me feel very 80s. I decided to embrace it for whatever reason and this is what I came up with. (Humming "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" the entire time of course.) I ended up wearing flats instead of boots but otherwise this was the outfit I twirled around work in on Thursday. Some guy stopped me on the street to ask if I was a dancer for Madonna. Of course I said yes. If you can find the skirt in-store, it's down to $20. Here's a closeup of the pretty tank neckline and necklace:

2009-11-18 267

Top: Ruffle Tier Tank (now $30)
Necklace: J.Crew piano key necklace ($30 in-store, similar here)
Cardigan: J.Crew Twilight Stripe Cardigan (similar here, here and here)
Skirt: Bengal Stripe Skirt ($20 in-store, similar here, here and here)
Tights: Target crosshatch diamond pane tights (similar here, here and here)
Boots: Eddie Bauer tall black boots (similar here, here and here

If you want to talk about pilling, let's talk about the Ann Taylor Loft cowlneck I'm wearing here. Two wears and it's pilling something awful under the shoulders and down by the wrists. I'm not thrilled with the quality at all. At least it's a pretty shade of purple. Thanks to Diem who tipped me off that the Party Petal Skirt was down to $20 last week. I had to work hard for it -- I ended up stopping into all three Anthros before finding it at the 5th Ave store. Over the course of the day the little humps on the side pouf out. It reminds me of the jodhpurs women used to wear in the 30s. The skirt also has pockets which I love. Once again it's the jewelry that makes the outfit; closeup below:

2009-11-18 325

Necklace: Ann Taylor Loft Pearl Twist Necklace (similar here, here and here
Ring: J.Crew crystal cluster ring (now $40, similar here, here and the original here)
Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft Rib Transfer Cowlneck Sweater (now $30, similar here and here)
Cami: Old Navy Lace-trim cami (similar here)
Skirt: Party Petal Skirt (now $20, no longer online)
Tights: Target crosshatch diamond pane tights (similar here, here and here)
Boots: Eddie Bauer tall black boots (similar here, here and here

And here's my favorite of the week way back from Monday. My company's COO, who dresses sharply himself but is by no means a fashionista, told me I looked sharp. Made my day! The Ganache Pumps turned out to be more comfortable than I expected and over the course of the day they stretched a little bit. So while I'm still happy in my true size 9s I can see why some sized down 1/2 a size. It's been Wind Rippled Tee week. I spotted three SAs in them this week plus a few bloggers. It's weird owning an item so many other people have. But it's a great source of inspiration. Thanks for reading through all these outfits!

2009-11-18 404

Top: Wind-Rippled Tee ($58, store version)
Skirt: J.Crew Shirred Wool Skirt (now $50)
Belt: J.Crew skinny matte leather belt (similar here, patent version here)
Tights: Hue Opaque tights in brown ($13)
Shoes: Ganache Pumps ($98, or on Endless.com)
Jewelry: Anthro, similar here