Reviews: Winged Victory Top, Rare Bloom Tee, Skirted Peacoat

Friday, November 6, 2009

Today's visit to the 5th Ave Anthropologie was both a blessing and a curse. The three new items I most hoped to see were all there. That's the blessing. The curse is that I had trouble controlling my spend total! I even enable myself sometimes. The staff was in a great mood while I was there. A lot of the seasonal staff has started and I have to say that everyone was so nice! It truly adds to the experience of shopping at Anthro. Kudos to you, 5th Ave team!

Odille's Winged Victory Top ($68) was waiting for me downstairs. I grabbed both a 6 and an 8. The three left-hand shots above are the 6 and the far right shot is the 8. This shirt is nothing short of exquisite. My favorite Odille piece ever, easily. On the hanger I was nervous that it would be too short on me and luckily that was not the case. There is no support built into the top and I think that's OK. It'll be easy to wear a strapless bra under the top.

The product shot accurately conveys the fan detailing and cross pleats. Also, I'm delighted to report that the sash is just as full in real life! It's not quite the vibrant lime I was hoping for. It's softer and slightly darker -- it just photoed very bright. Trust the product shot color.

The one issue I often run into with strapless tops is being between sizes, and this one was no different. The 6 was perfect everywhere except across the bust, where my 34D's caused the fan pleats to pull. It's a shame but I had to size up to the 8, which was loose everywhere except for my bust. I will have to get this top tailored. I just had to bring this top home with me. I don't usually say this but if you are thinking of buying this top just do it. It's really amazing. I am however kicking myself for not getting the Frilled & Thrilled cardigan even more now, as it would be a great casual option over this top.

With one winner already set aside, I moved on to Deletta's Rare Bloom Tee ($58). I knew I'd be buying this unless it looked absolutely horrible on me. And happily it did not look horrible at all.

I tried on both the turquoise and the pink (pink photo below). The pink is rather washed out -- close to J.Crew's dusty blossom color. The floral medallion is slightly unfinished. The care instructions say it's hand washable so I hope this will curtail fraying. The draping is done so well. I sized down to a small and thought it was perfect. The turqoise is a dark blue closer to teal. There was some cleavage peeking from the v-neck but really just a hint. In the end I decided to buy the pink because I already own about 1,000 teal shirts. I hope to pair it with my Conch Shell Pencil Skirt from last spring (review here).

The Rare Bloom Tee in pink.
NOTE: this is a medium, too big.

The last item I was able to cross off my to-do list was Idra's Skirted Peacoat ($168). My hopes they were sky high for this coat.

Sadly I came crashing back to Earth on this one. Tien posted a review this morning on her blog and I knew I was in trouble. I tried on the 8 and was bummed out immediately. The biggest problem for me is that the torso is far too short. The skirt portion of the coat is out of proportion -- way too voluminous. Not like the product shot at all. It doesn't sit gently. It sticks out. From the product photo I was expecting a much lower wale that would resemble velvet. It is pretty soft but it's also kind of stiff.

The buttons were also a letdown for me. Very plastically and ugly up close. I was really disapponted by this coat. This coat is getting rave reviews online so I wonder if the production line changed at all? Because this looks like an error on me.