Black Friday...two words Anthropologie does not know

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Though it's a bit early in the month the holidays are drawing closer. Less than a month til Hanukkah for instance! A few of you have started asking about Anthropologie's Black Friday plans. Do they have any? (Probably not.) If not, what can I expect in the way of incentives? So I thought I'd recap what happened last year and then leave the comments open for suggestions. While I can't promise we'll have any sway with their plans at least they will get to hear from customers.

Last year was interesting since the economy took a huge dump in October. A few days before Thanksgiving last year Anthropologie began aggressively adding items to their sale section. This continued with a huge amount added to sale the week after Thanksgiving. The week of Thanksgiving Anthro kicked off an awesome boot sale that they should totally do again this year HINT HINT ANTHROPOLOGIE. The day BEFORE Thanksgiving last year is when the Free Shipping promo started (so we're already doing better on that front this year). There was a big fat nothing on Black Friday -- no early opening, no late store closing, notta. Last year Anthropologie also ran a charity event where you could buy a stuffed animal that was then donated to a local charity. I hope they do this again this year. Last year I bought a few super cute plushies for kids in need.

What do I think will happen this year? Well Anthropologie has been trying to be conservative with inventory so I imagine we'll see less in sale. But maybe a week after Thanksgiving I do expect to see them not only aggressively market a replenished sale section but also I hope they launch another themed (read: boot) sale. I would die if they released a promotion code or order discount promotion but it's probably a pipe dream.

Your turn! What do you think Anthropologie should do this year? What do you think they will do?