UK Email: Welcome to Regent St!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

If you're a fashionable woman living in London then you already know that Anthropologie's Regent St store opens tomorrow! The UK (and really, western Europe) has been abuzz over the brand's first location across the Atlantic. Speculation about where the next store will be after Regent St and King's Road is growing...Dublin, Paris, Milan? I could see Anthro fitting in well in Rome, Prague and Berlin too. Their first UK email is just a teaser but expect more in the future. If you are a UK resident don't forget to go to Anthropologie's dedicated UK website to sign up for email updates.

Living wall photo from Anthropologie's Twitter feed

The Telegraph ran an amusingly hyperbolic story about Anthropologie, declaring: "America's dream shop has arrived." Well then. They also seem geographically confused, putting both the Topshop and Anthropologie in Soho (NYC) on West Broadway, when in fact the Topshop is on Broadway. Easy to confuse I know. I redirect many bewildered tourists while I'm on my lunch break.

Still, the excitement is real and I'm happy for my friends across the pond. Can't wait to hear first day reports!