Stream of consciousness: Anthropologie November catalogue

Friday, October 30, 2009

Want to flip through the November catalogue on your own? Here it is. (Thanks to Kim and Christina for the tip.) This catalogue is stunningly beautiful -- and the longest all year. I wish every Anthropologie catalogue had 70+ pages. Some highlights below.

Smiling because of the pretty goods inside?

Cascading Tulle Cardigan ($198)
...Bet she wishes she hadn't thrown that pillow
at the fan now!...

Blushing Faille Dress ($188) &
Floating Lace Blouse ($128)
...I would not have thought
to put this outfit together myself,
but I'm intrigued...

Plumed Peacock Cape ($178)
...sure it's cold and snowy, but she's fine
with bare legs and short sleeves!

Plaza Cardigan ($128) comes in cranberry? Perhaps another
rufflepotamus try-on is in order...

Sweeping Frills Sweater ($128)
...grabby hands towards the sweater...

Ternate Boots ($525)
...a pair of over-the-knee boots
I can get on board with...

Scalloped Dots Skirt ($98)
...the top is like an amoeba
and the skirt is Pacman-esque.
I'll take both please...

Season-To-Season Shorts ($78) &
Flowering Plaid Cardi ($148)
...I always sit right in front of the fireplace
in flammable things too!...

Snowscape Tank ($148)
...another J.Crew-reminiscent piece
yet I'm drawn to it...

Repurposed Dome Clock ($998)
...I love the exposed innards of this fascinating clock...

Glimmering Magnolia Dress ($198)
...a very cool photo series's best shot...

One-Of-A-Kind Fobot, Betty Bot ($298)
...anthropomorphic steampunk is awesome...

Skirted Peacoat ($168)
...wait! before you go, I'll need that coat...

Painted Cottage Sweater ($128)
...this sweater charms me. I want it!