Reviews: Sweater skirts, a tulip and a mini

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I know I'm an Anthropologie addict because something I wouldn't normally go for, in this case a sweater skirt, still manages to cast me under its spell. The Snow Flower Skirt ($148) above tempted me with its 3-dimensional chiffon floribundas (my favorite kind of rose).

I can't decide if I like the skirt on me or not. Since Knitted & Knotted has run large on me I grabbed a small and I think it fit well. The chiffon roses are what have me undecided. I like them but don't love that they're mostly on the sides. I wish the largest floribunda was more in the front. The skirt is meant to be pencil-shaped and it sat that way on me. But yet again I found myself wishing for an extra inch or two in the length. Unable to decide if I liked it or not I left it behind.

Pretty, pretty skirt. And the tights? Sold out (online at least), but to die for. I had high hopes for this skirt.

But like the Snow Flower Skirt, I'm left undecided. I was really disappointed when I tried on the Always A Lady Skirt ($148) but as I look at the pictures I'm feeling a bit better. I tried on my true size medium but found it big -- I'd buy this in a small if I purchase it. Maybe with a pretty off-the shoulder sweater and delicate tights I'd like it better. It just felt...not special to me. The wool is pretty delicate and I noticed some rubbing already appearing on the back of the skirt I tried on. The flowers were not as lifelike as I remembered them from the product shot. And the lacey lining barely peeked through.

I think this may be a case of needing to see it styled. I may buy this yet, bring it home and try it with some outfits to see how it looks.

It was clear I needed a change of pace from sweater skirts so I moved on to Idra's Bowtied Mini ($98). Love the way Anthro styled it with the Web & Loom Cardigan (148).

They call it a mini so I was prepared for the shorter length. This skirt has a significant waist and considerable volume so I don't think you can really wear it hipslung to make it longer. I tried this in my true size 8 and found it comfortable. It's a bit heavy, not to the degree that I felt like I was wearing weights though. A cute winter skirt for sure.

My final temptation of the day was Floreat's Scalloped Clouds Skirt ($98). It has a close cousin in the Scalloped Dots Skirt ($98). Cute as a button on, I have to mention that this skirt is very fitted. The result for me was that since my thighs are big I had some extra room around my waist (note in the side view shot the weird poofiness above my bum and the same in front). I think this would smooth out over the course of the day. My true size 8 fit like a glove. I hate the exposed zipper. Can those please go away? But it's very cute and a good length. I think I love it. But to the wishlist it goes for now.