Reviews: Daisy Duo Cardigan, Bubbling Up Sweater, Prarie Rose Cardigan, Boot Camp Jacket

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Birds of a feather at the Boulder, Colorado Anthropologie...

Though I was technically in Colorado for a wedding, I did find time to do some shopping with my sister. Mixed in with our extravaganzas we hit Anthropologies in both Boulder (at the 29th St Mall) and Denver (at Cherry Creek). Anthropologie, how the heck are you not in Fort Collins yet? Please show my alma mater's town some love already! And what about a mountain town location?

...and Cherry Creek (Denver).

One quick tangent: How the heck has no one mentioned the GINORMOUS Forever 21 at the Flatirons Mall to me before? I don't shop at F21 much anymore for various reasons but I could not resist going in for a look around. They took the former Dillards footprint and converted it into about 80 billion square feet of el cheapo trendsetting/copying clothing. The store was so big I got lost in it. I wish I was kidding. It has every line, subline, really anything Forever 21 has ever done. Possibly also a few dead bodies from lost shoppers. The store deserves its own zip code like the Saks shoe department.

A couple more shots from one of the Boulder Anthro displays below...

...and now on to the reviews. I was thrilled to shop with my sis like we used to when I was in college (she's 8.5 years older than me). She had better luck than I did too! There was one item we both tried on.

It was the Prairie Rose Cardigan ($88). When I saw how short the cardigan was I knew it was not for me. But I had a request in for a review on this item from Julia so I could not disappoint. Tabitha did a fine job with the intricate embroidery. This cardigan is very soft and pleasant to wear. The sleeves are between 3/4 and bracelet length -- I have them pushed up for the photos. I tried on a size medium. The buttons were pulling something awful. Later on in the week I tried on the large and while it was less pronounced there was still pulling at the buttons. For that reason I think this cardi is meant for smaller chests. My sister is much more petite than I am and this cardi fit her like a dream! (No pics though, sorry.) She sized up to the medium to prevent any button gaps.

The Daisy Duo Cardigan ($128) from Field Flower is a bit tricky. Initially I tried on my true size small with jeans and I felt like the sweater was kind of bulky. I was ready to write it off with a negative review. I saw it again and decided to give it a second shot. Over a dress I liked the small a lot better. It's quite warm and with the right shape underneath it's flattering.

The cardigan closes via two snaps under the flowers. It's not itchy at all but it is very thick. Great for cold weather warmth. I like the ruffles around the neck and the contrast stitching on the left front. I was not over the top in love with this sweater but I like it. Sale-worthy purchase for me.

The happy surprise of the day came courtesy of Charlie & Robin's Bubbling Up Sweater ($148). My expectations were pretty low and I already own two grandpa cardigans from last year's collection. Still, I sized down to a small and loved it on. I am truly head-over-heels for white sweaters this year and I was thrilled with the length, texture and fittings on this ivory number.

It's long. It hit me perfectly below my saddle bags to create the long and lean shape I love. The large, wooden buttons are very cool and there were no gaps or pulling. The swiss dots are yummy. This could be my fall sweatercoat right here. Thanks to the Anonymous commenter who requested a review of this one!

Anthropologie at ShopStyle

I knew the Boot Camp Jacket ($98) was going to look great on my sister so I made her try it on. Though initially hesitant she was thrilled once it was on. Just as I expected! She sized down one size to a 4 for the best fit but I needed to size up to an 8 (my true size 6 was tight across my chest). We saw this in the Boulder store on one of the dress forms open with just the waist tie keeping the jacket in place. My sister repeated this look over a tee to great effect. Her waist looked so tiny and it created a really tailored look. I can't wait to try this one on myself but Boulder didn't have an 8.

I did find a couple of other things to make up for it though: belts! In Boulder I got the Old West Belt (now $25) in a small. At Cherry Creek I found the highly coveted Snakebite Belt ($32) in grey. It was the last grey one though I see online has now added black to the color offerings. Rest assured if I see the grey in-store anywhere local I will let everyone know.