Quick Hits: Sweaters

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

If you're looking for a last-minute component to your Little Red Riding Hood costume, look no further than the Juxtaposed Sweater Jacket ($98) by wenlan. All joking aside this is a seriously cute piece. As I guessed from the product shot it is boiled wool, eliminating all itchiness. Major points for that. The bracelet sleeves are an odd choice considering I'd want to use this as a jacket but I suppose it's the better to wear long gloves with, my dear. The off-center zipper is pretty cool but the placket was like a double-breasted jacket and with the shortness those two effects combined to make me look wider than I am. Pass at full price but sale possibility for sure. I tried on the medium.

Charlie & Robin's Squeezebox Hoodie ($138) has a neat harmonic cinch, but I was getting a definite "These are not the droids you're looking for" vibe. It comes in other colors (like red! Everything is red this year!) and black to downplay that feeling a bit. I tried on the medium which fit OK. I don't really do well with tied cardigans. Plus, it was really itchy. And I'm pretty itch-resistant. A wash with Woolite will fix that but it won't fix the sad sash, which once again Anthropologie exaggerates in the product shot. Very thin in real life. Boo.

This Moth wrap is called the Folded Wings Wrap ($78). It's basically a blanket with buttons. There is one button in the center and one under the each arm. I liked how it looked a lot from the front but wasn't as taken with the side view. I have no idea why it's short-sleeved either. Believe it or not this is sized (I tried the medium).

A long time ago a reader asked if I would review the Settling Pedals Cardi ($168). Sorry it's taken so long but my local Anthros just restocked! Guinevere's work is always stunning and this is no exception but I didn't like it much on me. I found the sheerness a bit annoying and the front barely covers me, defeating the purpose of a cardigan. I liked it a lot better from the side, but not enough to want to buy it. I had slight itch twitch from it as well. I tried on the medium.

This marled number is canary's Graceful Point Cardigan ($88). This looks so much cuter in the product shot. Again, tie cardigans are not my friend so take these photos with a grain of salt. The fabric is significant and I hate how the front center was so much longer than anywhere else. It was also itchy. I tried on the medium and could not wait to get it off. Not a winner for me. See it on Gigi here.