OOTD: October 30, 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009

Well, here I am! Still trying to find the best spot in my apartment to do these things and waiting for my gorillapod tripod thingy to arrive so I can use my real camera. Thanks for all the photo tips so far -- keep 'em coming! It's tricky because my apartment gets indirect sunlight only so while it's much brighter than my first apartment it's not exactly sunny.

On to the outfit. I have some detail shots below to better illustrate. I am so in love with my Many Moods Skirt ($78, review here). I wear it all the time. Today was a great opportunity to pair it with Ruffian's Mise-en-Scene Flocked Chiffon Blouse ($148, review here), these awesome Chevron tights from Target (detail shot below) and a pair of Nine West Mary Janes that are seriously about 10 years old. And still in great shape! Nine West has let me down with their quality lately but I have a couple of pairs of shoes from them that have lived in four states with me. That's impressive. I threw an ivory cami under the blouse as it's very sheer, added some pearls and I was all set. For work, I'll throw on J.Crew's Pointelle twilight-stripe V-neck cardigan over the blouse. In one outfit I managed to have dots, stripes and chevron. Yet somehow it all works.

I don't watch "Mad Men" (I really should, I know). But the fashion is apparently rubbing off on me anyway as my doorman told me I was wearing my second sexy secretary outfit of the week this morning. I'll take that as a compliment!