Gorgeous! Many Moods Skirt

Friday, October 16, 2009

This is the denim skirt I've been looking for. Level 99's Many Moods Skirt ($78) is one part Nanette Lepore, one part rock star and one part sleek silhouette. I brightened up the rear view on the right to illustrate the pleats that kick out fabulously in back.

Before I get to what makes this skirt so awesome, let's talk about why my other denim skirts pale in comparison. They're stiff. The waist rides up from my hips to my waist over the course of the day. They loosen over the course of the day something ridiculous.

This skirt answers most (not all) of those issues. Normally I am vehemently opposed to stretch denim. However, in this skirt it truly works to hug every curve. The cotton spandex is a soft mix in this skirt and the stretch is soft. I did find that this skirt stretched a bit over the course of the day but much less than my other denim skirts. Most happily, this skirt did not move from my hipslung waist. There was no riding up. Hallelujah!

A lot of times with pencil denim skirts I have issues with the back. The vents are often not long enough to allow me to take a full stride. On this skirt, the pleats kick out nicely as I walk so that the skirt doesn't move. I can't tell you how nice it is NOT to have to twist my skirt back into place on the subway platform or visit the ladies' room at work every so often to adjust the skirt. It just sits right. Shame on me for settling for less than perfection previously.

The Many Moods Skirt is sized numerically by waist. Go by your skirt size, not your jeans size. Normally I am an 8 in skirts so I went for the 29 in this one and it was a perfect fit. For ladies who are less hippy than me you can safely size down one waist size.

I plan on pairing this skirt with the Flocked Chiffon Blouse ($148) or a grey H&M turtleneck I own. Option #2 IRL:

necklace: NY & Co
turtleneck: H&M
skirt: Many Moods Skirt
tights: Gap from last year
shoes: Nine West Namely flats in black