Clarification on store search/inventory posts from last week

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Coming off the customer service store search/inventory posts last week, I received a correction directly from Anthropologie. I want to make sure to pass this message along:
I read your blog post [about store searches and inventory], and just wanted to let you know one correction. The Anthropologie website, catalog, and stores are, in fact, one entity. We’re always happy to help our customers track down the items they love — we recommend contacting our call center at 1.800.309.2500 if you’re having trouble finding an item. In some cases, it may take a day or two to locate what you’re looking for (particularly if it’s older or nearly sold out), but we’ll respond as quickly as we’re able. Our store employees are also happy to work with the call center to locate an item for a customer if their store has sold out.

That email is a correction to the second paragraph of the post, which currently reads:
I believe this is because when you call customer service you're actually calling their catalog line. To my knowledge the catalog, store and online arms of Anthropologie are separate entities.

That paragraph was written based off information from an employee. I will be editing the post by deleting those two lines. I appreciate that Anthro reached out to me directly with the correct if they have any invites to future events at the Rockefeller Center location I'm there!