Reviews: Mise-en-Scene by Ruffian, Revere Blouse, Full Twist Tee & Slant-Striped Sweater

Monday, September 28, 2009

Ruffian's Anthropologie line Mise-en-Scene wasn't due to arrive in store until November. (Read about the line in this post.) Lo and behold though I saw a few pieces last week. And I got excited! I am a big fan of Ruffian's clothing; I own a dress by them that I love love love. I chose the dotted grey blouse you see above to try on. This is the Flocked Chiffon Blouse ($148) that was in the September catalog.

I really like this blouse but I feel like it was made for someone with a smaller bust. I had to size up two sizes to a 10 to even get the blouse on. Does wonders for the ego, let me tell you! This top is quite short. Even those with a smaller bust will find it hitting at high hip due to the elasticized waist. It's a sheer blouse once again yet I wouldn't want to wear a cami underneath it. This is getting into silk chemise slip territory. I'm quite sick of ruffles yet I adore them on this top...the way they cascade and tumble softly is romantic and feminine.

In spite of the caveats I plan on purchasing this blouse. I'm probably going to size up even further to see if it helps the length any more. Rather than pairing it with jeans I'll wear it with a high-waisted pencil skirt or wide leg slacks. It makes me very excited to see what else the line brings.

I can always rely on Odille to make beautiful things and the Revere Blouse ($68) is no exception. The two ruffles by the collar weren't steamed to life in the shots above so they're laying a bit flat. But otherwise this blouse is everything I expected. With a few of the top buttons left undone the lace placket takes on a romantic vaguely revolutionary era feel while buttoned up it looks like something the lead singer of a band might wear ironically. Menswear as women's wear done right. And slightly sheer for some reason. My true size 6 fit comfortably.

I grabbed one.september's Full Twist Tee ($68) for laughs only, fully expecting that it would look like hell on me. Joke's on me because I really liked it! The front twist is nothing less than crazy but I can stick my phone, keys and small wallet in there and not worry about a purse. This top comes in two colors: a grey that looks like blue and a deeper, dark sapphire blue. I tried on the grey in size medium. It's form fitting but not tight so this is the size I'd stick to. I decided this top would be best as a layer... I grabbed the Slant-Striped Sweater ($128) by Moth to try on over it. This sweater is so warm and I just want to bundle myself up in it everyday at my freezing cold office. I did not find this sweater to be itchy. It's a wool mix. I sized up to a large because it just seemed like the right thing to do to swaddle myself. The sweater also has a slight flair at the hips which thank goodness because if there's one thing I need to accentuate on myself it's mah hips. Snarkiness aside I like this sweater. A lot.