Reviews: The good and not so good

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's rare that a sweater dress looks good on me. I tend to avoid them like the plague. A few weeks ago Anthropologie delivered an email about the Amarena Dress ($148). (Copy editing stickler side note: I just noticed they misspelled the dress name in the email. No wonder I keep getting confused on the name!) Though the model looks just stunning in the complete look above I was sure the results would be quite different on me. Natalie tried it on and it looked amazing on her! It convinced me to give it a go.

But haha, no. There's accentuating curves and then there's marking them seem cartoonish and this dress does the latter to me. My waist is very tiny for my size. The result is that the skirt portion of the dress seems to be jutting out like a petticoat. Not especially flattering. The Amarena Dress seems beautifully made and I think it looks terrific on many peeps. Just not me.

After that experience you'd think I'd be soured on sweater dresses. Nope. The Snowdrop Shift ($158) looked too encouraging on the hanger to pass up. I guess it goes to show that every once in awhile you get lucky. I think this dress looks pretty good on. I tried on the small and it was a bit roomy in the bust. I didn't want to size down to an x-small though. Suffice it to say this Knitted & Knotted dress runs large.

I was so glad to see some fabric under the lace top! With the sheer trend you'd expect it to be just the lace. The waist is sitting nicely at my smallest part and the skirt flares out just enough to keep my hips in proportion before settling straight down. You can dress this dress up or down with accessories. Another item for my wish list, the one that has ballooned to 120 items. Or almost the entire annual paycheck at my first job out of school. Hence the update to my About Me section on the blog.

The Anemone Bloom Cardigan ($118) photographed very well off the bright dress. This Karen Nichol masterpiece is sure to attract animal hair. I tried on the small but I'd have to size up to my true size medium to close it without gaps. I love that the pattern extends onto the back. Does anyone else think it looks more like a big corsage than an anemone though? Semantics, I know.

I also grabbed the Pucker-Up Cardigan ($98) by Bailey 44. I tried on the purple, a color that doesn't seem to be available on the website at the moment. This piece is jersey but it has such a high rayon mix that it feels very slippery. The sleeves are very long as the pic on the right illustrates. I cannot believe the price. It feels like something I would have bought from Rave, Rampage or Forever 21 at 13. Completely disposable. I expect a lot more from this label and they have done so much better, like the A Thousand Tiers Dress ($188). I can't lie, I was pretty disgusted by this cardigan. Not by the look but by the quality, material and price. Seems like I'm in the minority since the reviews are overwhelmingly positive on the website. I could not get it off fast enough though.