Reviews: Dress-tastic

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The dress above is the Recollections Dress ($148). Made by Maple, it's 100% silk. The pattern is kind of a smoky damask or medallion that looks like flowers from far away. I like the keyhole detail and the lace ruffle detail on the sleeves is handled lightly. I regret not taking a photo from the back now. Beginning and the low shoulder blades the back is sheer lace. It's very pretty albeit maybe a bit impractical.

I tried on the medium and found it fit pretty well. I was highly annoyed with the skirt -- it was very static-y and is completely stuck to my legs in the photos above. It doesn't look like it but the skirt is actually a-line. The proportions of the dress look kind of off as a result but take my word for it, this dress is lovely.

Moulinette Souers have done it again with the Golden Light Dress ($188). Pretty fun fall party dress anyone? The color is delicious but I must warn that my iPhone didn't photograph it's golden hue very well.

Again, ignore the color. The product shot is much more accurate. This is the size 6 which I found to be a bit roomy. It fit over my chest which is the hardest part so that's a win right there. But there was some extra room in the tummy area. I tried sizing down to a 4 and that eliminated the extra material but I couldn't zip it up all the way. The fit is going to depend on your chest size.

The length is appropriate for a party frock. The skirt tiers are longest in the front middle and to be honest, I don't love it. They're almost chevron-style. I wish they were just straight across. I am undecided on this dress at the moment. I think I love it. I'm just not 100% sure yet.

On to the Texture Study Dress ($148) by Sparrow. The boiled wool is quite a bit softer than untreated which makes this dress altogether pleasant to wear.

I tried on the small and it worked well. Despite the stitchwork on top my vote is that this is a casual dress that can be dressed up. I would wear this to work. The skirt is form-fitting but not uncomfortably so. Unfortunately the dress I tried on had an issue. At first I thought it was a feature of the dress. How odd, I thought to myself, that they have disconnected the skirt from the top portion so. Then I realized it was big ol' hole. Yikes! It gave me enough pause to say no to the dress for now.

A few more quick hits:

I really like the color combination of Moulinette Souers' Sabine Dress ($158). The pintucks and ruffles on top are quite cute. This dress desperately needs a belt but otherwise I really loved it on. I tried on the size 6 and found this dress true to size.

Anna Sui's Pepper Plant Dress (now $99) is no longer online but I've seen it hanging out on the sale rack of the NYC Anthropologies. A close cousin to the Corby Shift ($199) I tried on recently, this dress was different enough from its cousin that I had to have it. Though a 4 would have been best only a 6 was available -- I have the 6 on above. The sleeve flutter is a fun detail and the pattern is simple yet stunning. I rocked this at an art gallery opening and it was a hit.

The Caranday Dress (now $90) is hidden on the site and only available in a 10 at the moment. This dress was high on everyone's list it seems. Another hit from Corey Lynn Calter. I tried on the red motif but found it washed me out a bit so I decided to invest in the green instead. The 6 fit like a dream. I love the sash on this dress. I got one wear out of this already but I'll be packing it up for next spring soon.

Note: This post was updated on 10/1/2009 to add the proper name of the Recollections Dress.