Reviews: The good and not so good, part two

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More tricky photography from Anthropologie has me laughing. How could I not have noticed that the model seems to have poofy butt in the About-Town Dress ($128)? If she has that effect I stand no chance.

Yep. More poofy butt. Not only that, this dress was so heavy and extremely hard to get on. The first product reviewer joked that she dislocated her shoulder trying to get in. At least, I hope she's joking. I wouldn't be surprised. I tried on the medium and once I finally did get it on I found it small in the bust with a skirt so completely unflattering it came right back off. I didn't even bother taking front or side shots. The one above pretty much says it all I think.

Luckily there are better options in-store. Take the Reed Shirtdress ($118) by Moulinette Souers for example. Made of cotton voile, it's soft and light. My true size 6 fit well though there is very slight pulling across the bust. Not enough that I feel the need to size up. Plus, it has pockets! Instant win in my book. The skirt is poofy but not outrageously so. The only odd thing was that the arms were very tight on me. My arms have some flab, not sure if that was the cause. I don't usually have arm issues like this. It made the dress a pain to get on and take off. I guess I'll have to unbutton it when I buy it.

Another epic fail recently was the Tweed & Chiffon Dress ($188, review here) which was both too short and too tight. But when Anthro closes a door they open a window and in this case the window is the Here-Today-Here-Tomorrow Dress ($128). Not quite the same but a close approximation. It has a black top and a patterned skirt. The Here-Today-Here-Tomorrow Dress also wins points with me for being a good 3 inches longer and much more A-line. And pockets help. I tried on the small and it was pretty much perfect. Good job, little yellow button!