Email: A dress that's ripe for the picking.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Shape from a sweaterdress? Is it possible? From the looks of the Aramena Dress ($148) the answer might just be yes. Anthropologie's email today presents a formal introduction.

I'll admit I passed this dress by in-store last week mostly because it looked like the top would be unflattering. But the reviews are overwhelmingly positive so perhaps it's time to put judgment aside and let this dress be another example of stepping outside my comfort zone a bit. Plus, how darling is the styling in the email? I love how the dress is outfitted with the Danver Necklace ($48), the Mullion Tights ($18) and the Winding Ruffle Boots ($258). The thought crosses my mind to sub in the Blazing Tweed Pumps ($98) but otherwise this outfit is perfect.

Have you tried on the Aramena Dress?