anthro: in our own words

Monday, September 28, 2009

Here in NYC, dogs are a polarizing topic. There is the crowd that believes dogs have no place in the city -- they do their business where we walk, they are sometimes noisy neighbors, and they are cramped in the same tight quarters as their humans. The other crowd believes that a well-trained, stimulated dog is happy no matter where s/he calls home. (I fall into the latter group, though are certainly some owners who drive me nuts.)

So the latest anthro: in our own words newsletter tugs at my little heart. It tells the story of the Good Dog Tee ($58):

The Good Dog Tee began as a lighthearted gift that designer Hani M. gave to her manager Carrie S. during fall finalization. Hani hand-painted Carrie's beloved Yorkie mix Roscoe on a t-shirt. The tee was so well-received internally that we decided to offer Roscoe – along with Henry the Welsh Terrier, Bear the Labradoodle, Waffle the Chihuahua, Arthur the Sheltie, T-Rex the Pomeranian mix, Willy & Lexi the French Bulldogs and Norm the Pug - to our customers.

Aww! The newsletter also tells us that Anthropologie's headquarters are dog friendly, which having seen photos and read stories about their headquarters, doesn't surprise me. I'm totally jealous. My previous job had an office dog and my current job's owner sneaks his dog in every so often. Part of the reason why I don't have a dog is because I wouldn't be around enough to care for it as a single gal. Someday.

In honor of our canine friends Anthropologie will be making October a doggy dog month:

This October, we'll amp up our doggie-loving ways, as 70 stores hold pet adoptions, food drives and yappy hour parties. See your store for details, or you can always keep up with what's happening via Facebook Events.

The newsletter doesn't mention whether any proceeds from the tee are going to an animal charity but there are thousands of great organizations nationwide devoted to the cause. In this rough economy animal welfare groups are hurting as donations and in some cases volunteerism drop. I volunteer for the NYC Shiba Rescue and was actively involved in FFA and with the ASPCA as a youngin. I think it's great that Anthro is getting involved.