Friday, August 28, 2009

Wish List: New arrivals, part two

Are you beginning to feel new arrival overdose yet? I admit I'm starting to feel a bit overloaded. Kim and Natalie have also found plenty of new Anthro goodness to love. At this point I'm eager to see the catalogue!

Anthropologie at ShopStyle
Good Dog Tee ($58)
It's the colors of this tee that I love.

Anthropologie at ShopStyle
Painted Lotus Dress ($188)
Speaking of beautiful colors...

Anthropologie at ShopStyle
Burnished Toffee Boots ($368)
Another color contender.

Anthropologie at ShopStyle
Plaid Petals Skirt ($148)
A take-no prisoners winner from Tracy Reese.

Anthropologie at ShopStyle
Captured Knots Bag ($288)
Indeed I am taken.

Anthropologie at ShopStyle
A (relatively) inexpensive and on-trend pair courtesy of Pink Studio.

Anthropologie at ShopStyle
Twinkling Lights Necklace ($78)
A decidedly different take on a wreath of flowers.


pixelant said...

Love the Blazing Tweed Pumps! Very Dorothy!

Sydneygirl said...

The Good Dog Tee is cute. Incidentally if you like dogs, take a look at the Cavorting Canines Dress. I saw it in my local store last week. I saw the dress from a distance and thought 'that's cute', then got closer and was thinking, what on earth is on it, and realized it was dogs, I mean I like dogs but not that much :) Anyway, I actually found the print pretty funny - it is quite clever as you have to get close to see that is is dog me they looked a bit scary