Stream of consciousness: Anthropologie September catalogue

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The new catalogue is now online here. I grabbed a copy at one of the NYC Anthropologies over the weekend and what a welcome return to form it is! The pictures are everything I expect from an Anthro catalog: nostalgic settings with a slightly overexposed, dreamy quality to them. It also helps that the clothing is happily on-target. I hate to make it sound like I'm against change but never change your catalogues again Anthropologie! This is the right size, the right font, the right clothes, the right models. And judging by some of the product shots I believe an adornments catalogue is coming in the very near future.

Let's take a trip back to classic
Anthropologie style, shall we?

Millbrook Cardigan ($148),
Dark & Slender Denim Skirt ($158),
& Floating Light Bracelet ($28)
Let's go for a walk back in time...

Carved & Molded Necklace ($298),
Ruffled Firelight Cardigan ($178),
Southern Flight Blouse ($88),
Season Span Shorts ($128)
& Crossway Heels ($128) about a statement necklace...

Fosteriana Cardigan ($178),
& Good Dog Tee ($58)
...woman's best friend, in tee-shirt form...

Hidden Sprigs Sweater Dress ($168)
...easy, breezy, beautiful...

Woodside Walk Blouse ($98),
Citizens of Humanity Slate Invader Skinny ($198),
Long Journey Satchel ($158),
& Crocheted Aster Scarf ($48)
...I wish only to correct the un-eveness of her scarf...

Mellifluous Collar ($158), Carved & Molded Necklace ($298),
Coiled Ribbon Necklace (not online yet, $138),
Slender Halos Necklace ($138),
Autumn's Bounty Bib ($80), Refracted Light Necklace ($198),
Spectacle Necklace ($118), & Timeworn Necklace ($198)
...such an appetizing menu, I'd like one of each please...

Cooled Globes Lamp ($298), Rock Crystal Lamp ($2,200),
Sunken Florish Lamp ($398), Curiouser Lamp ($188),
Flagon Lamp ($168)
...a curious assortment sure to work in any Anthro home...

Twinkling Lights Necklace ($78)
& Rimpled Tee ($68) outfit dressed both up and down...

Painted Lotus Dress ($188)
& Striped Tights ($18)

...I have seen art in the mirror today...

Wrapped in Ruffles Jacket ($128),
Peeping Plaid Blouse ($78),
& Plaid Petals Skirt ($148)

...plaid upon plaid upon ruffles...

Apple Picking Cardigan (not online yet, $118)
& Flocked Chiffon Blouse ($148)
...yes, I am totally going to steal this outfit
out of your closet later! Don't look so surprised...

Monochromatic Corset Dress ($188),
Opaque Tights ($13),
Plum-Lacquered Heels ($338),
& Chilled Droplets Cuff ($158) absence of color but stunning nonetheless...

Brigitta Dresser ($798)
...yes, but do they nest?...

First Frost Coat ($178),
Chandelier Tee ($58),
Ett Twa Stephanie Boyfriend ($128),
& Kousa Berry Bag ($168)
...normally not a Toggle fan, but this is changing my mind...

Soft-as-Feathers Sweaterdress ($138)
& Dog-Eared Bag ($188)
...on the go, with plenty of storage room...

Gumshoe Sweatercoat ($168)
& Color-Drenched Dress ($168)
...a dress that is both party on the top and the bottom...

Courting Lad Blazer ($158),
Skinny Striped Blouse ($98),
Bold Felicia Skirt ($98)
& Blazing Tweed Pumps ($98)
...a look that is a little bit tough and a lot lovely.