Reviews: I went, I saw, I tried stuff on

Monday, August 31, 2009

You know you're in love with a store when you end up there without meaning to. I was innocently on my way uptown when my subconscious pulled me off the 1 train two stops early at 50th Street. By the time I realized the error I was already above ground. Well, I said with a shrug, may as well head on over to Anthro I guess. What a detour. Force me to go, why dontcha?

I was really surprised at how much new stuff was out just in the week since I'd last been there. I was also surprised at how much was gone -- not sure if items sold out that quickly or if I just lost track of them. I don't know about anyone else but I frequently miss the items that are folded below the table tops and such. If it's not at eye level I tend to miss it.

The dress above was front and center downstairs. It was on a dressform with a yellow or lime green belt to accent. One shoulder is basic tank dress and the other is draped, Grecian-goddess style. I have not seen this dress on the website so I'll call it the One-Shoulder Migration Dress ($58) for now. UPDATE: Found it! It's the Million Monarch Chemise ($58). Hilariously this is apparently meant to be worn as pajamas. It's by Anne Pinkerton and resembles her Early Blue Chemise ($58). I really wish this dress had come out two months ago. Not only is gorgeous, it's comfortable and lays very well. This is the medium on me above. The length is great, hitting me right at the knee. This would have gotten a ton of wear in July and August but now I'm too ready for fall. So back to the rack it went.

I guess I had dresses on the brain. The next frock I tried was Floreat's Dark Bouquet Dress ($148) which for some reason Anthropologie is hiding on their website right now. This halter-top dress looks white but is more of a light grey. There is a lot of stitchwork going on in this dress. Upside-down chevron on the skirt. Ripples on the bust. A bouquet detail that says "here's my left hip!" (But it looks like it's my right because I took this photo in the mirror...) I have the 6 on and it fit everywhere except my chest. I would size up to an 8 and head to the tailor to be more comfortable were I buying this. With a cardigan this could be a great work-friendly number that would transition to night well. To my wishlist you go!

Finally we have the above masterpiece from Tracy Reese's Frock! Fall 2009 collection. The talented Ms. Reese calls it the Charlotte in Black Clover but Anthro perfers to call it the Emerald Cut Dress ($298). Let me tell you ladies, with a push-up bra I was ready to buy this in a heartbeat. Until I looked at the price tag anyway. The green color matches my hazel eyes well. The cut is very flattering to curves. My waist is practically disappearing! The skirt is a bit voluminous but somehow everything remains in balance with the modest cut of the top. This dress has a bit of a Alice in Wonderland vibe to it that I dig. I could tame it with a black cardigan or plum or perhaps intensify it with yellow, or red, or orange? I tried on a 6 and while I'm totally locked and loaded I don't mind. I don't think I'd size up to an 8.

So what do you think? Will any of these dresses be as tempting for you?