Reviews: Anna Sui all the time

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Corby at ShopStyle

When I was in the Soho Anthropologie on Saturday I noticed a display with a lovely shift dress. It had a copper underlayer with a black lace overlayer. It immediately sang to me, the song going something like this:

Wear me to a party
Wear me on a date
Wear me to the jazz club
My dear, you will always look great!

I should have known the dress is by Anna Sui. It's called the Corby Shift ($198). I already had a pile of clothing to try on so I decided to leave it for next time. Except I kept humming that little song over and over in my head. I looked at the dress sad does the product shot look? It looks kind of like a nightgown that's 2 sizes too big, right? Well there is a reason for that.

Anna Sui for Anthropologie clothes run really big. In the shots above I'm wearing a 4! Me! That's one size below my normal dress size and two designer sizes down for me. No wonder the product shot looks kind of sad. It's because the sample size was probably far too big. The dress fell straight down on me with no pulling. I'm not really sure the photos do this dress justice.

I really loved this dress. It was displayed with a long necklace and that is exactly what I would accent this with in real life. Company holiday party anyone? A sophisticated night out anyone? Done and done. The lace layer had intricate burnouts and was such high quality. The copper underlayer is a nice touch too. Normally I'd think a high-cut neck matronly but it works quite well for this dress. The poofs on the sleeves don't add bulk. It's such a well thought out piece.

I don't normally do this but I am advocating that everyone try on this dress. It's that great. I really think you have to see it in person to fully appreciate it. It's going to flatter a variety of shapes and it will never go out of style. The only problem I have is that I already own something like this. I am seriously considering selling my other dress and investing in this one.

Anthropologie at ShopStyle

One of Anthropologie's latest outfit sets features the Serene Showers Blouse ($98). The bold print is appealing and I like the romantic neckline. Then again I knew as soon as I saw this that it was going to be a layering piece only for me.

Here it is in real life and my suspicions were confirmed. With a cardigan over it? Great. Without? A little shapeless, a little bulky, and not even tying the drawstring at the waist (middle shot) could help it. I still like this a layering piece. Also like the Corby Shift this top runs large. I am wearing a small here and could have easily gone for an XS. All you petites out there are out of luck (sorry ladies). This one went back to the rack.