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Monday, August 31, 2009

photo from Racked

The invitations for Fashion Week are arriving around the city and Racked saw fit to highlight Leifsdottir's tactile presentation. The beautiful gilded lotus you see above arrived in a box teasing "The Wonders of the World await you..." (There are more photos in the post.) Lovely! If only one of these had made its way to my mailbox.

photo from the New York Times (2nd slide)

Of course this is not the first time Leifsdottir has teased the imigination. Their Fall 2009 presentation invitation featured a feather and a page from an architectural journal. You can see more photos from that design here.

What designs will the presentation yield for Spring 2010? I can only imagine -- can't wait to see photos!!

Reviews: I went, I saw, I tried stuff on

You know you're in love with a store when you end up there without meaning to. I was innocently on my way uptown when my subconscious pulled me off the 1 train two stops early at 50th Street. By the time I realized the error I was already above ground. Well, I said with a shrug, may as well head on over to Anthro I guess. What a detour. Force me to go, why dontcha?

I was really surprised at how much new stuff was out just in the week since I'd last been there. I was also surprised at how much was gone -- not sure if items sold out that quickly or if I just lost track of them. I don't know about anyone else but I frequently miss the items that are folded below the table tops and such. If it's not at eye level I tend to miss it.

The dress above was front and center downstairs. It was on a dressform with a yellow or lime green belt to accent. One shoulder is basic tank dress and the other is draped, Grecian-goddess style. I have not seen this dress on the website so I'll call it the One-Shoulder Migration Dress ($58) for now. UPDATE: Found it! It's the Million Monarch Chemise ($58). Hilariously this is apparently meant to be worn as pajamas. It's by Anne Pinkerton and resembles her Early Blue Chemise ($58). I really wish this dress had come out two months ago. Not only is gorgeous, it's comfortable and lays very well. This is the medium on me above. The length is great, hitting me right at the knee. This would have gotten a ton of wear in July and August but now I'm too ready for fall. So back to the rack it went.

I guess I had dresses on the brain. The next frock I tried was Floreat's Dark Bouquet Dress ($148) which for some reason Anthropologie is hiding on their website right now. This halter-top dress looks white but is more of a light grey. There is a lot of stitchwork going on in this dress. Upside-down chevron on the skirt. Ripples on the bust. A bouquet detail that says "here's my left hip!" (But it looks like it's my right because I took this photo in the mirror...) I have the 6 on and it fit everywhere except my chest. I would size up to an 8 and head to the tailor to be more comfortable were I buying this. With a cardigan this could be a great work-friendly number that would transition to night well. To my wishlist you go!

Finally we have the above masterpiece from Tracy Reese's Frock! Fall 2009 collection. The talented Ms. Reese calls it the Charlotte in Black Clover but Anthro perfers to call it the Emerald Cut Dress ($298). Let me tell you ladies, with a push-up bra I was ready to buy this in a heartbeat. Until I looked at the price tag anyway. The green color matches my hazel eyes well. The cut is very flattering to curves. My waist is practically disappearing! The skirt is a bit voluminous but somehow everything remains in balance with the modest cut of the top. This dress has a bit of a Alice in Wonderland vibe to it that I dig. I could tame it with a black cardigan or plum or perhaps intensify it with yellow, or red, or orange? I tried on a 6 and while I'm totally locked and loaded I don't mind. I don't think I'd size up to an 8.

So what do you think? Will any of these dresses be as tempting for you?

Reminder: Last week for free shipping for anthro members

A reminder to you that this is the last week to take advantage of free shipping on all online orders if you are an anthro member. If you're not an anthro member -- it's not too late! Sign up here. It's not a credit card, it's the yellow card that you may have noticed by registers in-store. With it you can do receiptless returns and you might get a 15% off card every time when your birthday rolls around! (The discount is literally cute as a button.)

Since I'm not above begging, please please please Anthropologie extend this offer. For a company that barely throws the loyal a bone of any kind this has been a great joy. I've placed more orders than I normally would -- especially for shoes -- and can only imagine how much this promotion helped towards your 17% increase in direct sales last quarter. C'mon Anthropologie! Free shipping through Veteran's Day! Free shipping through Christmas Day! A little longer at least.

Stream of consciousness: Anthropologie September catalogue

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The new catalogue is now online here. I grabbed a copy at one of the NYC Anthropologies over the weekend and what a welcome return to form it is! The pictures are everything I expect from an Anthro catalog: nostalgic settings with a slightly overexposed, dreamy quality to them. It also helps that the clothing is happily on-target. I hate to make it sound like I'm against change but never change your catalogues again Anthropologie! This is the right size, the right font, the right clothes, the right models. And judging by some of the product shots I believe an adornments catalogue is coming in the very near future.

Let's take a trip back to classic
Anthropologie style, shall we?

Millbrook Cardigan ($148),
Dark & Slender Denim Skirt ($158),
& Floating Light Bracelet ($28)
Let's go for a walk back in time...

Carved & Molded Necklace ($298),
Ruffled Firelight Cardigan ($178),
Southern Flight Blouse ($88),
Season Span Shorts ($128)
& Crossway Heels ($128) about a statement necklace...

Fosteriana Cardigan ($178),
& Good Dog Tee ($58)
...woman's best friend, in tee-shirt form...

Hidden Sprigs Sweater Dress ($168)
...easy, breezy, beautiful...

Woodside Walk Blouse ($98),
Citizens of Humanity Slate Invader Skinny ($198),
Long Journey Satchel ($158),
& Crocheted Aster Scarf ($48)
...I wish only to correct the un-eveness of her scarf...

Mellifluous Collar ($158), Carved & Molded Necklace ($298),
Coiled Ribbon Necklace (not online yet, $138),
Slender Halos Necklace ($138),
Autumn's Bounty Bib ($80), Refracted Light Necklace ($198),
Spectacle Necklace ($118), & Timeworn Necklace ($198)
...such an appetizing menu, I'd like one of each please...

Cooled Globes Lamp ($298), Rock Crystal Lamp ($2,200),
Sunken Florish Lamp ($398), Curiouser Lamp ($188),
Flagon Lamp ($168)
...a curious assortment sure to work in any Anthro home...

Twinkling Lights Necklace ($78)
& Rimpled Tee ($68) outfit dressed both up and down...

Painted Lotus Dress ($188)
& Striped Tights ($18)

...I have seen art in the mirror today...

Wrapped in Ruffles Jacket ($128),
Peeping Plaid Blouse ($78),
& Plaid Petals Skirt ($148)

...plaid upon plaid upon ruffles...

Apple Picking Cardigan (not online yet, $118)
& Flocked Chiffon Blouse ($148)
...yes, I am totally going to steal this outfit
out of your closet later! Don't look so surprised...

Monochromatic Corset Dress ($188),
Opaque Tights ($13),
Plum-Lacquered Heels ($338),
& Chilled Droplets Cuff ($158) absence of color but stunning nonetheless...

Brigitta Dresser ($798)
...yes, but do they nest?...

First Frost Coat ($178),
Chandelier Tee ($58),
Ett Twa Stephanie Boyfriend ($128),
& Kousa Berry Bag ($168)
...normally not a Toggle fan, but this is changing my mind...

Soft-as-Feathers Sweaterdress ($138)
& Dog-Eared Bag ($188)
...on the go, with plenty of storage room...

Gumshoe Sweatercoat ($168)
& Color-Drenched Dress ($168)
...a dress that is both party on the top and the bottom...

Courting Lad Blazer ($158),
Skinny Striped Blouse ($98),
Bold Felicia Skirt ($98)
& Blazing Tweed Pumps ($98)
...a look that is a little bit tough and a lot lovely.

Just thought you might like to know about...Kensie

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kensie is a mid-tier brand that is carried in department stores nationally. I first discovered them at Dillard's when I was a Colorado State student and they have continued to please at Macy's Herald Square. They skew young and honestly I might be a drop too old to wear their clothing but the too old police haven't hit me yet and I'm of the attitude that "meh, coppa, you'll never take me alive!!" I always force myself to be skeptical of the fit: if it doesn't look amazing I don't buy it. That's led to leaving more than a few cute things on the rack but has served me well in the end.

Kensie at ShopStyle

What I like most is that they reinterpret trends, usually a fashion year later, in a flirty and flattering way. Most of their stuff wouldn't pass for workwear but for date night? Totally.

Kensie at ShopStyle

They twist trends into a more basic look which is nice when I feel overpowered something like an overabundance of ruffles or too many pleats, etc.

Kensie at ShopStyle

And occasionally I see something unique that strikes me. I have a few more looks below that are currently pretty cute. I own a couple of tops by Kensie and a skirt. What do you think of this brand?

Kensie at ShopStyle

Kensie at ShopStyle

Kensie at ShopStyle

Contest update!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

We're coming down to the final stretch in the We're All in this Together contest! Entries will be accepted through September 15. Rules are here and if you have any questions please email me. Entries continue to come in and we're slowly chugging towards the goal. I feel that little tingle of excitement. I'm already pumped to see who wins these prizes.

Wish List: New arrivals, part two

Are you beginning to feel new arrival overdose yet? I admit I'm starting to feel a bit overloaded. Kim and Natalie have also found plenty of new Anthro goodness to love. At this point I'm eager to see the catalogue!

Anthropologie at ShopStyle
Good Dog Tee ($58)
It's the colors of this tee that I love.

Anthropologie at ShopStyle
Painted Lotus Dress ($188)
Speaking of beautiful colors...

Anthropologie at ShopStyle
Burnished Toffee Boots ($368)
Another color contender.

Anthropologie at ShopStyle
Plaid Petals Skirt ($148)
A take-no prisoners winner from Tracy Reese.

Anthropologie at ShopStyle
Captured Knots Bag ($288)
Indeed I am taken.

Anthropologie at ShopStyle
A (relatively) inexpensive and on-trend pair courtesy of Pink Studio.

Anthropologie at ShopStyle
Twinkling Lights Necklace ($78)
A decidedly different take on a wreath of flowers.