Stream of consciousness: Anthropologie August catalogue

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Want to flip through the August catalogue on your own? Here it is. I am interested to see what Anthropologie has to say about the idea behind this month's shoot. There are photos from Paris, New York and London (which is just a bit disordered and a Munich shy of "Pop Muzik"). It's very Satorialist meets On the Street meets the kissing cam. I like it.

Diaphanous Tunic ($88) & Puckered and Pleated Cardigan ($128)
Oh, no! Romance! And clothing? Together?

Tessera Necklace ($80) & Texture Study Dress ($148)
But of course some Parisian chic includes white, grey and black.

Boucle Cape ($148), Flabellum Blouse ($228)
& Joe's Knit Chelsea ($138)
I spy with my little eye a monument to color and shape.

Crushed Petiole Blouse ($198) &
Fluttering Pencil Skirt ($158)
...her outfit looks incomplete to me,
yet it's still a lot of look!

Bengal Stripe Skirt ($148)
Flouncy yet satisfying. Maybe a little short.

Furrowed Fields Bag ($178)
Let this be a lesson to all you young bags.
If you lay out in the sun for too long
this could be your leathery trim!

Revelations Skirt ($98) & Cross Your T-Straps ($90)
I am having flashbacks to last October

Water & Roses Dress ($148),
Mellifluous Collar ($158) &
Teardrop T-Straps ($138)
Easily my favorite shot in the catalogue.
She looks stunning and he's just hot.

Havana Sweatercoat ($198)
Welcome back, Sleeping on Snow.

Tawny Acres Boots ($248)
The product shot makes these look
a lot less broken-in.

Adorations Curtain ($158-$198)
Poetry filtered by sunlight, or vice versa?

On the Fringe Sweatercoat ($168)
Pity them shooting this on a 90-degree day
with humidity in NYC.

Brona Sweater Dress ($128)
Before First Friday at the Gugg perhaps?
I would never have guessed this to be
a sweater dress.

Emerald Estuary Tunic ($88),
Washed Leather Racer ($248),
Joe's Ankle Cigarette ($158)
& Distant Constellation Boots ($428)
Oh hi Prince St. One of my favorite lunch spots
(Olive's) is right down the street
and uh, my office is nearby too!

Crisp Air Vest ($88) & Tiers-Of-Goldenrod Dress ($138)
This is bohemian chic I just can't get into.

Settling Petals Cardi ($168)
Wait, where are you going? Come back
so I see the front of that awesome cardi!!

Buoyant Chiffon Blouse ($98),
Mercurial Crochet Necklace ($128)
& Myriad Sweater Skirt (not online yet)
Such a cute and dandy outfit. Fall for work? Yes.

London Calling, please hold for this outfit!