Reviews: Reversible Racerback

Friday, July 31, 2009

One trend I am not afraid to love is the reversible trend. As a kid I coveted many items in this style. My all-time favorite was a Rainbow Brite reversible tee that had her on the front and Twink sliding down a rainbow on the other side. I'm a bit more grown up now I suppose but the idea still remains close to my heart. Bravo to the Reversible Racerback ($68) for being my favorite execution so far.

Porridge has also given us the Reversible Knotted Tank ($68) which is perfect for summer but the knot makes it hard to wear as a layer. With the Reversible Racerback I can slip on a cardigan and voila it's a transitional season piece. The wide waistband means you decide whether the shirt lays flat or bloused out. I chose slightly bloused.

This top is very cute. I like the bow in the back (especially since it can be untied lest you look like the Hunchback of Manhattan Island) but I feel like the price is a bit steep for what you get. Yes OK it's two tops in one. At $38 I would grab this right away. $68 gives me a bit more pause.

Also worth noting is that when you flip this to the geometric pattern the bolder side is still visible at the trim. It's only noticable close up but that may drive some people away. I will stalk this one to the sale room.