Metapost: OK I lied, reviewing is addictive

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Last week I mused that I am only motivated to do product reviews in exchange for something tactile, like a gift card or a pat on the back from Glen Senk or something like that. And while I hope that either of those (or both!) come to pass one day it turns out I was totally lying to myself.

AL, you had it right. It's cool seeing a ranking next to your name. So sometime last night around midnight I was tired but not sleepy and being the Internet nerd that I am I dropped 5 or 6 reviews on Anthro. I will probably never make the Top 10 because I'm not reviewing any items that have more than one page as of now. But it's fun. Addictive even.

Here's my profile...I chose a very creative name I know. Please link to your reviews in the comments! I can't wait until it goes Gawker-style and people get stars and they can promote each other and there's a review execution once a week.