Kitchen Inspiration

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Anthropologie's curiosities section is like revisiting someone else's unbelievable childhood. Fabulous trinkets and patterns delight while intriguing memories are reinterpreted for the modern. I always get a good laugh out of something. I often spend a lot of time in the kitchen section, especially at Rockefeller Plaza (NYC) where they have a clubhouse of sorts set up with gadgets inside while textiles and books surround. Nevermind that my idea of cooking is ordering Seamless Web. One can pretend!

The King of the Jungle Jar ($98) above reminds me of animal crackers. It's already making me hungry. Such a happy guy, I'd love to hide cookies and treats in here knowing that he won't be harassing me about calories or sugar as I reach in for a sweet.

My first inclination was to use the Olivewood Mortar & Pestle ($48) to grind new pastel combinations for my occasional sketchwork until I realized it's actually for spices. The wood grain is gorgeous and I could also see using this as a display piece.

The Winesap Bottle Opener ($24) reminds me of an apple tree I had in my backyard as a kid. I don't think I ever ate an apple from it -- something else always got to it first. This bottle opener really has the whimsical look nailed. And it will look much prettier on my counter than the singing NY Yankees bottle opener I currently have.

The only thing that could make this Honey Pot ($24) better is if it said "hunny." The writing is very Winnie the Pooh reminiscent to me. It's part of an adorable collection that also includes a Miel Pot ($24) and Milk and Sugar vessels ($28/pair).

Letting my imagination run a bit more wild, the 16th/5th Anthropologie has a table half-full of the Retro Double Timer ($24). It's two cartoon eyes short of a Pixar movie character to me. I had to break tempatation to set each of them for two minutes to see the result (I did test one though and it gives a pleasing "ding!" when time is up).

Who needs measuring cups when you have a scale? I love that the Measured Time Scale ($248) pulls double duty with a timer function as well. The steel look gives a 60s vibe over the current cold, stainless steel look that is so popular. I will take this polished look any day.