Monday, July 27, 2009

Email: An Ambidextrous Top

It was double the fun for Anthropologie emails today. The second one featured the Blooming Phlox Tank ($58). It's a pretty top by Deletta to be sure but back to the email for a moment.

An ambidextrous top? Really? This shirt doesn't have hands...and the other meaning is deliberate deceptiveness...which I guess could apply...but it's a stretch. This is not like rain on your wedding day.

In real life this tank looks pretty unfinished. I was not a fan of the grey but the yellow (which is more like a marigold than a sunshine) would look great by itself casually for summer and then more dressed up under a cardigan for fall. The red is my favorite though. Very deep and kind of a shirt version of last year's City Siren Heels. The top runs big -- even the small was a bit roomy on me. I am skeptical of the long-term durability of this shirt. Not to say that Deletta doesn't make high-quality items. Just that the raw seams of this shirt look ready to fray sooner rather than later. This is most likely a one to two season piece.

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Georgine said...

I like this top. However, the frayed edges give me pause. But the fullness in the front means it will cover up the baby belly. Anthropologie has been good to me this summer. Lots of loose tops. I am dreading maternity clothes. And I love their kitchen section at Anthropologie. I try to get new napkins whenever they have a sale. They also have a cheese knife set I want. Oh, and I love the apple bottle opener.