The Trade Market guidelines

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Trade Market is EA's buy/sell/swap posting. The goal of the market is to foster transaction between members and centralize an Anthropologie swap. Please note that this market will operate on an honor system and I have zero involvement in these transactions. I will continue to update this post as additional questions are posed/situations arise.

please include the following information in your posting:
- product name (if you know it)
- link to a product picture if possible or state if you have pics available to email
- product color(s), size if clothing and/or dimensions if homeware
- condition of the item
- the price you are asking and/or trade terms
- a valid email address where peeps may contact you
- if you are posting a "looking to find" item please state the product name, color, size desired and price range you are willing to pay and/or trade terms

some common acronyms:
- B&M (brick and mortar; denotes a physical store as opposed to online)
- EUC (excellent used condition)
- HTH (have to have/hope this helps)
- ISO (in search of)
- LTF (looking to find)
- NWT (new with tags)
- NWOT (new without tags)
- TIA (thanks in advance!)

some admin guidelines:
- reminder that this market is not in any way affiliated with Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters
- you may link to your own eBay/Amazon/etc. auction but reseller posts will be deleted
- clothing/accessory items can be from Anthropologie or a comparable store
- for homewares, please limit your posts to Anthropologie items only
- you may post items that are local pickup only (i.e. for furniture)
- please only post one item list per week
- please do not break up individual items into their own post if you are selling multiple items
- public callouts of other community members are expressly prohibited and may result in bans
- I reserve the right as blog owner to delete any comment that does not adhere to the spirit of the market at my discretion
- you may contact me at any time with questions about the market via email: snapsparkchik (at)

one last very important note:
- if you fail to complete your transactions within a reasonable timeframe or if I receive multiple claims of fraudulent transactions from multiple members, I will create an alert post which lists your name, any aliases you use and warns community members away from conducting transactions with you. Local police reports will also be filed and the FBI may be contacted. Fraud is not tolerated on this blog. See alert posts. 

tips for having a successful transaction:
- read Gigi's post on how to have a successful swap/sell/buy experience
- Craigslist also has a great post on how to keep yourself protected
- be wary of payment by personal check or money order (Paypal is probably the safest way, much as I dislike it)
- if you are selling/swapping an item get delivery confirmation for the item
- if you have a good transaction give your partner a little shout-out in the comments!
- be honest with yourself and us about the condition of an item

- resellers
- wholesalers
- posts that link to product aggregators
- posts that undermine sales posts (i.e. no way I would pay $90 for that)
- posts asking for payment through wire (i.e. Western Union, etc.)

Ideas and feedback welcome!

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