Too much to adore in-store

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I wanted to see how the sale section was shaping up in-store, so I headed to the Anthropologie at 16th St/5th Ave on Saturday. It was nuts in-store. Much more crowded than any other store I hit besides Banana Republic. The photo above was the line for the dressing rooms. I waited probably 25 minutes to try stuff in. Devoted are we all.

I tried very hard to be good. I breezed straight downstairs, telling myself I was focused solely on sale stuff. But the sale section was pretty disappointing. Soho had a much better selection and more items marked down. I felt like Flatiron was the same items I had seen 3 weeks ago. The only items even worth mentioning were the California Iris Dress (now $89, no longer online) which was still a pass and the Looped Aster Tank (now $40) which I own in white and am strongly considering in orange.

So on to the new items after all! Let's start with the Wildbloom Skirt ($98), a drool-worthy skirt from Marimekko. How I love that brand. My Marimekko bath towels have been mine since I was a baby, purchased by my parents on a trip to Paris. Their bold prints are instantly recognizable. I tried on the skirt in an 8 and it was a bit tight around my thighs. I would probably size up to a 10 to buy it. And I plan on buying this soon.

Next up was the Composition Book Dress ($128). Since it got the outfit treatment last week I won't go on too much about it, except to say that the Anthro site has it mislabeled as Odille. It's actually Moulinette Soeurs. The store was already sold out of both 6s and 8s so I tried a 10 and it was just not workable. Also as I thought when making outfits for it the sash that comes with the dress is less than satisfactory. You really need a belt with this dress to give it shape. I also revisited the Bombast & Cymbal Skirt ($88) to decide if I wanted to order it 1 or 2 sizes up to sit low on my hips. The verdict? One size up. Read my original review here.

I tried to find the Brickwork Hoodie ($168, above) for a little while but that wasn't happening. Pout. I did try on a cute Odille frock that hasn't made the website yet. It was plaid which I am growing to love again (can't help it. I became a teen during grunge). It had a neckline and shape similar to the Dusky Needlework Dress ($98) except 2 or 3 inches shorter. And thus begins my haiku plea to Odille:

My dearest Odille,
Though I am in love with you,
Your clothes are too short.

I know the petites of the world have it tough the other way. My sister is petite and she and I often discuss this passionately. But please Odille, start making talls or something! Your torsos are too short on me. Your skirts make me look like I just went through a growth spurt. And this dress wanted to come home with me but could not because it was entirely too short.

I don't talk about belts too much but I saw a couple of cute ones in-store that I wanted to mention. First was the Wasp-Waisted Belt ($40, above). Really comfy and I know this will be in style for several seasons to come. It also comes in a lovely peach. The Habanero Belt ($158) was very pretty but way more than I could justify for a frivolous belt spend.

I hope you had better luck at the sale than I did. Any great pickups?