Stream of consciousness: Anthropologie July catalogue

Monday, June 29, 2009

Want to flip through the July catalogue on your own? Here it is.

Flowing Pointelle Cardi ($118) that an "o" or a "0" she's holding up?
auspicious start...

Sunlit Angles Sheath ($228) this dress and the belt.
A little J.Crew reminiscent though, no?...

Lasata Jacket ($118), Thousand Days Skirt ($78)
& Crimson Cutout Heels ($148)
...I just adore this outfit...

Ruffles-Upon-Ruffles Tee ($78)
& Honeyed Peplum Skirt ($258)
...this one too!...

Lilac Ombre Heels ($148)
...d'orsay Anthro-style...

Endless Pleats Cardigan ($98) &
Go-To Chinos ($88) she a contortionist,
or does she just need a loo?...

Great Lengths Sweater ($88),
Saturated Sash ($88),
Languid Layers Skirt ($98)
& Teardrop T-Straps ($138)
...Spider-Model prepares
to scale another wall...

Hush-Hush Tee ($68) & Crosshatch Dress ($158)
...I thought this was questionable styling
even before I saw the knot on the tee. Ow!...

Fireglow Bedding ($58-$348)
...after seeing the finished result, Alice once again
questioned her decision to allow the Mad Hatter
to decorate her summer share...
(truth be told I think it looks pretty cool)

Terai Folding Chairs family ($198)
...oh, this is how my apartment looks
when I have dinner guests over too!...

Rosette Bedding ($58-$268)
...what place do you come in at the horse show
to get a patterned ribbon?!?...

Tiered Blueberry Skirt ($98) &
Delightfully Askew Blouse ($88)
...we now enter the Urban Outfitters
portion of the catalogue...

Edges & Angles Dress ($148) &
Golden Plum Cardi ($128)
...I like the dress. But what the
heck is with that big shadowy hand?
King Kong? The undertones bother me...

Inverness Trench ($188)
...this shot REALLY bothers me and
the model looks just as disturbed...