Thursday, June 25, 2009

Outfits: Somewhat torn

main outfit: 3 + 9 + 8 + 18 + 15
For a breakdown of the numbers, please see this post.

Full disclosure: I think ripped jeans are ridiculous. It sounds old and crotchety but who wants to pay for half destroyed jeans? But in a completely hypocritical way I heart J Brand's Dark Vintage Low Rise Pencil ($187). The wash is great: a really nice medium indigo. I am so glad to see crotch zebra stripes going the way of the dodo. And hey, welcome back low to medium rise! I sure did miss you in the wake of low low low rise. Big back pockets are enough to seal the deal. Wishlist worthy indeed. Plus, I love how they named these pants the way my Dad says they name streets in New England. Name what ya see. Oak Tree Rock Road!!

A fun pair of pants needs something fun on top too. So I've selected the Reversible Knotted Tank ($68). As the product name denotes you can knot it on the right or the left! It's an ambidextrous top by Porridge. I like this shirt in both the purple and grey motif...the grey has a bit more of a tropical look to it that's fun for summer. We'll stick with the purple for this outfit though. One more layer to polish the look a bit comes via the Morning Leaves Cardigan ($98) by Moth. Slightly robesque, the product shot doesn't do the vibrancy of this cardi justice. And how convenient that it has pretty much the same colors as the Reversible Knotted Tank.

The Starry Bough Earrings ($28) are a dreamy addition -- I'd wear my hair back with this outfit to show them off a bit. From tips down to toes, where the Summer to Fall Slingbacks ($148) have 4.5-inch heels that don't intimidate me at all. Uh, maybe a bit. Somewhat. OK, they're scary but somehow the shoes still look comfy. They have a Velcro closure and a bit of vamp and that's very nice. I snuck the Nonchalant Sunglasses ($28) in for fun along with the Rippled Lake Bag (now $99). The Polyvore set cha-chings at $656 (add $5 for the F21 ring). The five featured items add up to $529.

A few other combinations to consider:
3 + 11 + 23 (in pink or green) = $273
3 + 5 + 12 (in black) = $343
3 + 4 + 17 = $347


Georgine said...

From the description on the website, I thought the reversible tank is reversible to another print. And, I LOVE the shoes. LOVE! I don't know where I would wear them (I walk everywhere in the summer) but I may have to buy them to have them. Love the set you created.

I am not sure I can get on board with the denim, I like my jeans dark. Though, you never know, in 5 years I may like them light when thats all you can find.

Great Post.

roxy said...

Ah good catch Georgine. I gleamed over that in the product description. Now I want to see the reversed pattern!

Rosefever said...

I on the other hand like a little distressing in my denim (but not heavy)...not to say all of my denim.

I own the paige ankle peg jeans and they are wonderful, if you like skinny's...and I really want the Joe's Rya Ex-Lover Crop