Poll: Raffle-style contest?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hi ladies, it's poll time once again. I have been dying to run a contest on the blog. I've reached out to Anthropologie directly to see if they'd be interested in sponsoring a contest. No word back yet and honestly it's a crapshoot if I even reached out to the right person over there. I'm pretty dead-set on running a contest anyway.

So I wanted to run an idea by you. Would anyone be interested in doing a raffle-style contest? I would use Paypal to collect the money and 100% of the money (minus the stupid Paypal fees) would go towards the prizes: Anthro gift certificates. My goal would be 200 raffle donations of $5/each. That allow for some pretty sweet prizes: 1 $500 gift card, 1 $200 gift card and 4 $75 gift cards.

200 people is a very small portion of the readership so I feel like this is a pretty attainable goal. And certainly if more people want to donate (or buy multiple "raffle tickets") I will put all of that money (minus the stupid Paypal fees) towards gift certicates. Then only people who donated would be eligible to win. If the drive ended with less than $1000 I would still move forward buying the prizes.

I want to make it very clear that no one should feel obligated to participate. This is just one of several ideas I'm batting around (there's a reason my About Me icon has a question mark in her head!). The poll will run for 7 days and comments are open in this post for feedback or ideas.