Outfits: Notes from the fray

Thursday, June 25, 2009

main outfit: 7 + 24 + 22 + 18 + 14
For a breakdown of the numbers, please see this post.

Sometimes Anthropologie gives their products silly names. The Composition Book Dress ($128) seems right on though. It conjures up my freshman year of high school, when two friends and I passed around a composition notebook and co-authored a fantastical story within. I haven't seen the dress in real life yet but I'm curious how it looks. This Moulinette Soeurs frock is made of cotton with interesting contrast stitching in green around the neckline. The arms are charming if they work. If they make me look like a linebacker I will be disappointed.

The look I'm going for here is throwback chic. The Nonchalant Sunglasses ($28) make a cool entrance here along with the Starry Bough Earrings ($28) to remind everyone of our sparkle. I'd remove the sash on the dress in favor of the Full Circle Belt ($38) for a bit more waist definition. The Pinpoint T-Straps ($148) add some fun from the bottom up.

The Polyvore set gets some additional pieces: the Banyan Blush Satchel ($198) and the Polyantha Hair Pins ($15) continue the classic beauty theme. With some bright red lipstick this outfit will really pop. Who you calling a stunner? Us of course.

Of course elegance doesn't come cheap. The main look is a respectable $370 though the extra Polyvore items push us up to $583. There are plenty of other options to increase the overall value:
7 + 13 + 20 = $525
7 + 17 + 24 = $238
7 + 14 + 21 = $444