Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Email: New swimmy swim swim

A new swimsuit would be really handy here in NYC right now, where Mother Nature is having her practice run for the next Great Flood. And maybe when the sun comes out we'll all flock to the beach to be a bum in the sun. Anthropologie is taunting with their email about new swimwear.

I'm impressed by how many one-pieces they carry. In this bikini-obsessed era it's nice to see some more demure (but still sexy) options. Their stuff has been popular among my circle this summer. One friend invested in the Majesty Palm Maillot ($178, fits TTS she reports), another in the Arabian Nights Maillot ($198, also TTS but the bottom coverage is a little slight) and a third in the Botany Sketch Bikini ($88/ea, bottom runs a bit large) featured in the email.

The email also reminds of cover-ups and eyewear. I really like the Sunfaded Shades ($24) but they are far too large on my face. I have been noticing the movement back towards round in eyewear which gets an unenthusiastic raspberry from me. I'm searching for the perfect white Chanels.


Georgine said...

I like the Sunfaded glasses. I also like the Explorer sunglasses too. But I would need to try them on, they frames look big. Good post, I need a new pair of inexpensive sunglasses. Good for summer in case I lose them.

roxy said...

Hi Georgine! Long time no see...welcome back if you've been away. I like the pattern of the Explorer Sunglasses as well. Just give me a convertible to drive and a scarf to wear with them!

Blondmoma said...

Markdowns online but in the full price section. Late in moving them I guess. I like the explorer sunglasses as well. Very Hollywood.

Georgine said...

Thanks for the nice words, Roxy!! No, I read all your posts, I just haven't commented much. But, I love you recent post about all the new stuff. There is a racerback tank I like that will fit my 3 month pregnant belly.