Email: {anthro} Our stores are color happy!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Here in NYC we have fabulous store windows everywhere. 5th Ave in particular is an excessive display of over-the-top fabulousity. But in my completely biased opinion Anthropologie's windows consistently outshine them all. I believe that this is their flickr stream. They sent an email out to anthro members yesterday to brag a little about how delightful their summer window concepts are. Can't say I disagree. Ruthi Auda, one of Anthropologie's creative window masters out on the West Coast blogged about her concept recently.

Also of interest is that Anthropologie is finally getting into that whole social media thing you may have heard about. The email has a link to their Facebook fan page; they're dusting off their twitter stream; and something tells me they'll be starting a blog of their own soon. In fact in early June several of my friends sent me a job posting for a Director of Social Media at Anthropologie. I will supress my envy long enough to wish whoever landed the gig luck. :)

Anyway, store windows! Just as intricate eye-candy as ever. If you need a little encouragement ot get out to your local Anthro maybe this is it. And if not I hear they have a pretty fab sale going on too.