The Anthropologie Brand Sizing Guide Post

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Brand Sizing Guide in the sidebar is starting to get a little bit long, so I've decided to make it into a post instead. Please comment with any brands I've missed. For additional comments please see this post. Thanks all!

For reference, my sizing: approx. 5'8", 34-28-39, 155 lbs., curvy pear Inseam: 35"
tops 6/medium :: skirts 10 ::
dresses 6/medium :: pants 10/31 :: shoes 9 :: coats 10

CLOTHING (listed alphabetically):
213 - Have not tried on.
7 For All Mankind - True to size (31). Tends to gap in the waist; best fit for women with straight legs.
AG Jeans - True to size (31). I have come to love this brand! They've replaced Joe's as my favorite jeans purveyor at Anthropologie. Their inseams tend to be shorter (31") which is a pain for people like me who have 35" inseams. Their jeans lately also have a lot of stretch, so if you are between sizes go one size down from normal.
Allihop - True to size in tops.
Anna Sui - Runs very large in tops + dresses, I go 1 to 2 sizes down. 1 size up in bottoms. These pieces hold up incredibly well over time! My favorite Anna Sui piece is from 2006 and looks brand new.
Anne Pinkerton - True to size, bust is not always large enough for me.
Bacini - have not tried on.
Bailey 44 - True to size. Many of their tops pill after 3-4 washings.
Bayla Jane - True to size.
Beth Bowley - True to size in tops, skirts and coats.
Bourdeaux - True to size pre-2010. In 2010 I have been sizing up to a large in their tops. Tops hold up very well to laundering.
Burlapp - True to size in alpha (medium), 1 size up in numeric sizes (8).
C. Keer - 1 size down in tops (small); true to size in dresses.
Cartonnier - 1 size down in skirts (8), else true to size. The skirts in this brand tend to have a lot of stretch. The blazers are cut narrow through the shoulders and waist, which is very flattering for curves but can create fit issues for straighter shapes.
Charlie & Robin - 1 size down in all (small). Sweaters from this brand tend to be rougher, slightly scratchy material.
Charlotte - true to size.
Christopher Deane - 1 size up in dresses.
Corey Lynn Calter - True to size except when dresses are corset tops (1-2 sizes up). CLC's skirts hold their value exceptionally well.
Da Nang - have not tried on.
Daughters of the Liberation - True to size in tops. 1 size down in pants. Lots of give in the pants.
Deletta - Mostly 1 size down in tops (small); 1 size down in skirts (8). This brand recently started sourcing from multiple factories. Pay close attention the label! The medallion Deletta label still runs large, but the text Deletta label runs true to size.
Edme & Esyllte - 1 size down in all for anything before 2010. In 2010 1 size up for all.
Edun - True to size.
Elevenses - True to size in tops. Skirts are a crapshoot -- I range from 1 size down for full skirts to 1 size up in pencil skirts. True to size in pants.
Ella Moss - 1 size down in tops (small); true to size otherwise.
Eloise - True to size.
Envi - 1 size down.
Ett Twa - True to size. Pencil skirts in 2010 have run 1-2 sizes small, meaning I often wear a 12.
Eva Franco - One size down in everything but pencil skirts. True to size in pencil skirts.
Fei - True to size.
Field Flower by Wendi Reed - 1 size down (small) in anything pre-2009. For items released in 2009 and after, 1 size up (large).
Floreat - True to size in tops; 1 size down in dresses pre-2010. This year I have been sizing up one size to an 8 in tops and dresses.
Fleur Wood - Made by the same designer as Lil. True to size.
G1 - True to size.
Generra - 1 size up in tops (large).
Girls from Savoy - CRAPSHOOT. I have been comfortable in anything from an XS to a L in this brand. Boo inconsistency.
Guinevere - 1 size up for fitted tops; else true to size.
Hei Hei - True to size.
High Street- True to size.
House of Spy - Have not tried on.
Idra - 1 size up in tops; true to size in skirts, coats and pants.
Isabella Sinclair - True to size.
J Brand - True to size (31). Roomier in thighs; extremely low waist on most styles tends to make me muffin top.
James Jeans - True to size (31). High rise be thy name.
Joe's Jeans - Mostly 1 size down; sometimes true to size (31). Great for women with curves but extremely stretchy lately.
Johnny Was - 1 size down in dresses (small), have not tried tops.
Karen Nicol - One size up (L).
Knitted & Knotted - Mostly 1 size down; sometimes 2 sizes down.
Language - True to size.
Lauren Moffat - have not tried on.
Left Coast - 1 size down in tops (small).
Left of Center - 1 size down in tops (small).
Leifsdottir - 1 size up in skirts (12); else true to size.
Level 99 - 1 size down in bottoms (8/30). They make an amazing denim pencil skirt every year that I highly recommend.
LiaMolly - True to size. Her kids stuff also tends to run true to size according to a panel of experts.
Lil - True to size.
Lilka - 1 size up in skirts and dresses; else true to size.
Liquid - True to size.
Lithe - generally true to size, occasionally size down in tops.
Little Yellow Button - CRAPSHOOT. Sizing is not consistent.
Maeve - True to size.
Maple - True to size in alpha-sized dresses (M); one size up in numeric sizes (8).
Marimekko - 1 size up.
Marrakesh - 1 size up in pants (32), else true to size.
McGinn - 1 size up in dresses, else true to size.
Mermaid - have not tried on.
Mise en Scene by Ruffian - 2 sizes up in tops (10), 1 size up in dresses (8).
Molly New York - True to size mostly; occasionally 1 size up in dresses.
Moth - 1 size up in some tops/skirts or true to size, varying. I find their tops run short.
Moulinette Soeurs - True to size (may need to size up for larger bust) pre-2010. In 2010, the cut around the hips is so narrow. I size up at least one size in their dresses now.
Nanette Lepore - True to size.
Odille - 1 size up in tops; else true to size. I find their tops run short.
one.september - True to size.
Paige Premium Denim - 1 size up. This brand does not fit me right at all.
Paperboy - True to size.
Pilcro - True to size. Best. Cords. Ever.
Plenty by Tracy Reese - 1 size up for larger chests.
Porridge - True to size.
Project Alabama - True to size.
Pure & Good - True to size.
Ranna Gill - True to size.
Rebecca Beeson - Euro sizing (1, 2, 3). Generally I take a size 1, occasionally a size 2. Runs large.
Ric Rac - 1 size down in all.
Rosie Neira - 1 size up in sweaters (large).
Sanctuary - 1 size down.
Saturday/Sunday - True to size.
Sine - True to size.
Sleeping on Snow - 1 size down.
Splendid - True to size.
Sparrow - True to size except 1 size down in sweaters (small) and alpha-sized dresses (small).
Storee - True to size.
Tabitha - 1 size up in dresses; else true to size.
Taikonhu - True to size.
Tibi - 1-2 sizes up in dresses (8-10).
Tiny - True to size.
Tracy Reese - True to size in dresses, 1 size up in coats.
Twig - have not tried on.
Twinkle by Wenlan - True to size.
Weston Wear - True to size, tops have narrow cut around the hips.
Velvet - 1 size down in dresses; else true to size.
Vera - True to size.
Viola - True to size in skirts; dresses. Have not tried on tops.
Yoana Baraschi - True to size.

SHOES (listed alphabetically):

All Black - Size up 1/2 a size (9.5).
Antelope - True to size.
Bettye Muller - have not tried on.
Biviel - 1 size up (40); European sizing.
Chie Mihara - True to size, but European sizing so half-sizes beware. I wear a 39 (9) or a 39.5 (9.5) in this brand.
Chocolat Blu - Size down 1/2 a size (8.5).
FarylRobin - True to size with generous calf widths (~15.5 inches, boots). Still not wide enough for my calves though!
Frye - True to size.
Lucky Penny - Runs in Euro sizing, I order a 39.5 which seems to equate to my usual size 9.
Miss Albright - True to size, narrow in width.
Pink Studio - True to size.
Sam Edelman - 1/2 size up in sandals; else true to size.
Schuler & Sons - True to size.
Seychelles - True to size.
Tibi - True to size.