Photos from the "Vera" exhibition at Anthropologie Rockefeller Center

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

photo from design*sponge

The lovely Grace over at design*sponge has posted amazing photos from the Vera Neumann exhibition at Anthropologie's Rockefeller Center store (NYC). Awesome photography for amazing prints. Head on over now to check out the full set! I plan on stopping by Rock Plaza today; I hope the collection is still up.

Stream of consciousness: Anthropologie July catalogue

Monday, June 29, 2009

Want to flip through the July catalogue on your own? Here it is.

Flowing Pointelle Cardi ($118) that an "o" or a "0" she's holding up?
auspicious start...

Sunlit Angles Sheath ($228) this dress and the belt.
A little J.Crew reminiscent though, no?...

Lasata Jacket ($118), Thousand Days Skirt ($78)
& Crimson Cutout Heels ($148)
...I just adore this outfit...

Ruffles-Upon-Ruffles Tee ($78)
& Honeyed Peplum Skirt ($258)
...this one too!...

Lilac Ombre Heels ($148)
...d'orsay Anthro-style...

Endless Pleats Cardigan ($98) &
Go-To Chinos ($88) she a contortionist,
or does she just need a loo?...

Great Lengths Sweater ($88),
Saturated Sash ($88),
Languid Layers Skirt ($98)
& Teardrop T-Straps ($138)
...Spider-Model prepares
to scale another wall...

Hush-Hush Tee ($68) & Crosshatch Dress ($158)
...I thought this was questionable styling
even before I saw the knot on the tee. Ow!...

Fireglow Bedding ($58-$348)
...after seeing the finished result, Alice once again
questioned her decision to allow the Mad Hatter
to decorate her summer share...
(truth be told I think it looks pretty cool)

Terai Folding Chairs family ($198)
...oh, this is how my apartment looks
when I have dinner guests over too!...

Rosette Bedding ($58-$268)
...what place do you come in at the horse show
to get a patterned ribbon?!?...

Tiered Blueberry Skirt ($98) &
Delightfully Askew Blouse ($88)
...we now enter the Urban Outfitters
portion of the catalogue...

Edges & Angles Dress ($148) &
Golden Plum Cardi ($128)
...I like the dress. But what the
heck is with that big shadowy hand?
King Kong? The undertones bother me...

Inverness Trench ($188)
...this shot REALLY bothers me and
the model looks just as disturbed...

The Trade Market

Welcome to the Trade Market! This is Effortless Anthropologie's buy/sell/trade posting. You are welcome to create classified-style listings in the comments or link to an outside auction service. Please note that resellers are not permitted.

All transactions listed within are conducted independently of this blog and as such I have zero involvement. If you have a positive experience you're welcome to leave a comment stating such. If you have a negative experience please send me feedback directly via email to snapsparkchik (at) Please make sure to read The Trade Market Guidelines before posting. You can also view past Trade Market posts by clicking on the "trade market" button in the sidebar. Cheers to a wonderful community!

Too much to adore in-store

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I wanted to see how the sale section was shaping up in-store, so I headed to the Anthropologie at 16th St/5th Ave on Saturday. It was nuts in-store. Much more crowded than any other store I hit besides Banana Republic. The photo above was the line for the dressing rooms. I waited probably 25 minutes to try stuff in. Devoted are we all.

I tried very hard to be good. I breezed straight downstairs, telling myself I was focused solely on sale stuff. But the sale section was pretty disappointing. Soho had a much better selection and more items marked down. I felt like Flatiron was the same items I had seen 3 weeks ago. The only items even worth mentioning were the California Iris Dress (now $89, no longer online) which was still a pass and the Looped Aster Tank (now $40) which I own in white and am strongly considering in orange.

So on to the new items after all! Let's start with the Wildbloom Skirt ($98), a drool-worthy skirt from Marimekko. How I love that brand. My Marimekko bath towels have been mine since I was a baby, purchased by my parents on a trip to Paris. Their bold prints are instantly recognizable. I tried on the skirt in an 8 and it was a bit tight around my thighs. I would probably size up to a 10 to buy it. And I plan on buying this soon.

Next up was the Composition Book Dress ($128). Since it got the outfit treatment last week I won't go on too much about it, except to say that the Anthro site has it mislabeled as Odille. It's actually Moulinette Soeurs. The store was already sold out of both 6s and 8s so I tried a 10 and it was just not workable. Also as I thought when making outfits for it the sash that comes with the dress is less than satisfactory. You really need a belt with this dress to give it shape. I also revisited the Bombast & Cymbal Skirt ($88) to decide if I wanted to order it 1 or 2 sizes up to sit low on my hips. The verdict? One size up. Read my original review here.

I tried to find the Brickwork Hoodie ($168, above) for a little while but that wasn't happening. Pout. I did try on a cute Odille frock that hasn't made the website yet. It was plaid which I am growing to love again (can't help it. I became a teen during grunge). It had a neckline and shape similar to the Dusky Needlework Dress ($98) except 2 or 3 inches shorter. And thus begins my haiku plea to Odille:

My dearest Odille,
Though I am in love with you,
Your clothes are too short.

I know the petites of the world have it tough the other way. My sister is petite and she and I often discuss this passionately. But please Odille, start making talls or something! Your torsos are too short on me. Your skirts make me look like I just went through a growth spurt. And this dress wanted to come home with me but could not because it was entirely too short.

I don't talk about belts too much but I saw a couple of cute ones in-store that I wanted to mention. First was the Wasp-Waisted Belt ($40, above). Really comfy and I know this will be in style for several seasons to come. It also comes in a lovely peach. The Habanero Belt ($158) was very pretty but way more than I could justify for a frivolous belt spend.

I hope you had better luck at the sale than I did. Any great pickups?

Email: Add starlight to your locks

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I was just musing to myself the other day that Anthropologie has some super cute hair accessories at the moment. And then their marketers decided to email us all about just those things.

Flowers, ruffles and beading. All there on the hair accessories page. I like how they layered two Cosmic Headbands ($32) on the right-hand photo. The Mercury Headband ($38) is very Romeo + Juliet Claire Danes-Leo-style to me but my favorite is probably the Pair of Pansies Headband ($18) which is nice and simple. Any of these making a home on your head?

Email: {anthro} Our stores are color happy!

Here in NYC we have fabulous store windows everywhere. 5th Ave in particular is an excessive display of over-the-top fabulousity. But in my completely biased opinion Anthropologie's windows consistently outshine them all. I believe that this is their flickr stream. They sent an email out to anthro members yesterday to brag a little about how delightful their summer window concepts are. Can't say I disagree. Ruthi Auda, one of Anthropologie's creative window masters out on the West Coast blogged about her concept recently.

Also of interest is that Anthropologie is finally getting into that whole social media thing you may have heard about. The email has a link to their Facebook fan page; they're dusting off their twitter stream; and something tells me they'll be starting a blog of their own soon. In fact in early June several of my friends sent me a job posting for a Director of Social Media at Anthropologie. I will supress my envy long enough to wish whoever landed the gig luck. :)

Anyway, store windows! Just as intricate eye-candy as ever. If you need a little encouragement ot get out to your local Anthro maybe this is it. And if not I hear they have a pretty fab sale going on too.

Metapost: Blog's summer makeover this weekend

Friday, June 26, 2009

Ah, summer is here. I'm wearing my New Idyll Dress ($148) today and impatiently waiting for tomorrow so I can bask in the sun a bit. By night I'll be working on updating the blog's skin for summer. The photo above was my color inspiration. Please pardon any downtime this weekend -- we'll be back up and running by Monday.

Reminder: Raffle-style contest poll

As outlined in this post, this week's sidebar poll is about a raffle-style contest. Many thanks to everyone who has voted so far! I look forward to seeing the final tally.

Just thought you might like to know about...Modcloth

Untitled by Kwassa on

One of the reasons why I continue to use Polyvore (even when it annoys the heck out of me as it has done lately) is because I love seeing the way other people use the items I have saved in. Take the set above by Kwassa. She uses lots of Anthropologie items in her sets but is not in either of the Anthro groups. So I never would have seen any of her cool sets without her utilizing the Hippopotamus Locket ($98).

And then I noticed the sweet dress the set is built around. I've heard of Modcloth before but hadn't really paid much attention. When I saw this dress, the Romance Novel Dress ($53) I decided to see what they were all about. Though the dress is sold out, curiousity remained. Clicking around I liked what I saw more and more. Below are a bunch of items that made me smile.

all photos from Modcloth's website

Items, beginning top row left:
1. Lavendar Fields Dress ($70)
2. Bowl-ed Over Blouse ($28)
3. Berry Cobbler Top ($53)
4. Hoot-notism Ring ($12)
5. Centerpiece Necklace in Baby Blue ($14)
6. Jett Cropped Jacket ($60)
7. Fresh Picked Time Clock Necklace ($25)
8. Hi-Top Socks in Purple ($8)
9. Pocker Face Heels ($38)
10. Pebble Beach Wedges in Putting Green ($28)

The target audience does seem to skew a bit younger but there are plenty of items that bring Anthroesque fashion to mind. There's also a one-of-a-kind page for vintage finds the staff reels in. I also love their social media marketing: they have their own flickr pool and a blog that is regularly updated. And one last touch I love -- their story. Girl loves vintage fashion. Girl starts online store. Store becomes successful. Hooray! Here's hoping that Romance Novel Dress comes back into stock. I want it!

Outfits: Notes from the fray

Thursday, June 25, 2009

main outfit: 7 + 24 + 22 + 18 + 14
For a breakdown of the numbers, please see this post.

Sometimes Anthropologie gives their products silly names. The Composition Book Dress ($128) seems right on though. It conjures up my freshman year of high school, when two friends and I passed around a composition notebook and co-authored a fantastical story within. I haven't seen the dress in real life yet but I'm curious how it looks. This Moulinette Soeurs frock is made of cotton with interesting contrast stitching in green around the neckline. The arms are charming if they work. If they make me look like a linebacker I will be disappointed.

The look I'm going for here is throwback chic. The Nonchalant Sunglasses ($28) make a cool entrance here along with the Starry Bough Earrings ($28) to remind everyone of our sparkle. I'd remove the sash on the dress in favor of the Full Circle Belt ($38) for a bit more waist definition. The Pinpoint T-Straps ($148) add some fun from the bottom up.

The Polyvore set gets some additional pieces: the Banyan Blush Satchel ($198) and the Polyantha Hair Pins ($15) continue the classic beauty theme. With some bright red lipstick this outfit will really pop. Who you calling a stunner? Us of course.

Of course elegance doesn't come cheap. The main look is a respectable $370 though the extra Polyvore items push us up to $583. There are plenty of other options to increase the overall value:
7 + 13 + 20 = $525
7 + 17 + 24 = $238
7 + 14 + 21 = $444

Email: There's a sale in the cards

Anthropologie's email today reminds us that they're having a sale! The online section has a few new additions but regular visitors will likely be disappointed with the same stuff that's been there for awhile. In stores I've had much better seems like Anthro is marking down items in-store but keeping them full price on the website. Then again, I've seen items on sale in Soho long before they go on sale anywhere else. So your mileage may vary. Is your store hiding some sale goodies?

Outfits: Somewhat torn

main outfit: 3 + 9 + 8 + 18 + 15
For a breakdown of the numbers, please see this post.

Full disclosure: I think ripped jeans are ridiculous. It sounds old and crotchety but who wants to pay for half destroyed jeans? But in a completely hypocritical way I heart J Brand's Dark Vintage Low Rise Pencil ($187). The wash is great: a really nice medium indigo. I am so glad to see crotch zebra stripes going the way of the dodo. And hey, welcome back low to medium rise! I sure did miss you in the wake of low low low rise. Big back pockets are enough to seal the deal. Wishlist worthy indeed. Plus, I love how they named these pants the way my Dad says they name streets in New England. Name what ya see. Oak Tree Rock Road!!

A fun pair of pants needs something fun on top too. So I've selected the Reversible Knotted Tank ($68). As the product name denotes you can knot it on the right or the left! It's an ambidextrous top by Porridge. I like this shirt in both the purple and grey motif...the grey has a bit more of a tropical look to it that's fun for summer. We'll stick with the purple for this outfit though. One more layer to polish the look a bit comes via the Morning Leaves Cardigan ($98) by Moth. Slightly robesque, the product shot doesn't do the vibrancy of this cardi justice. And how convenient that it has pretty much the same colors as the Reversible Knotted Tank.

The Starry Bough Earrings ($28) are a dreamy addition -- I'd wear my hair back with this outfit to show them off a bit. From tips down to toes, where the Summer to Fall Slingbacks ($148) have 4.5-inch heels that don't intimidate me at all. Uh, maybe a bit. Somewhat. OK, they're scary but somehow the shoes still look comfy. They have a Velcro closure and a bit of vamp and that's very nice. I snuck the Nonchalant Sunglasses ($28) in for fun along with the Rippled Lake Bag (now $99). The Polyvore set cha-chings at $656 (add $5 for the F21 ring). The five featured items add up to $529.

A few other combinations to consider:
3 + 11 + 23 (in pink or green) = $273
3 + 5 + 12 (in black) = $343
3 + 4 + 17 = $347

Outfits: A skirt for all seasons

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

main outfit: 1 + 6 + 13 + 20 + 25
For a breakdown of the numbers, please see this post.

The Accordion Panel Skirt ($168) is easily my favorite product in the new rollout. I just love the look of it -- from the messy impressionist color strokes to the "loopy ruffles" down the front. But unfortunately I will forever be admiring this skirt and never buying it for myself. At 18" it is way too short for me. Sometimes sizing up works and I can wear a mini low enough to love it. But even sizing up this skirt showed far too many personal imperfections for comfort. For the petites and those who have gams worthy of showing off I fully recommend this Fei masterpiece. And I will grit my teeth with jealousy and tell you how awesome you look. It's probably way too late for this but Anthro if you're reading please ask Fei to make a 22" version of this skirt for us talls! Please please.

Just because I can't wear it doesn't mean I haven't thought of outfit considerations. A few weeks ago I noted that I don't own multiples of any Anthropologie items but I think that may change. On each recent store trip I've seen a different color of the Ruffle Tier Tank ($48) styled very well. And I think it would work well with our foundation skirt. Either brown or purple would be my choice with this skirt though white or black would also work. Too much frill? Nah.

And for some more multiplicity let's add in the Stretching Acres Cardigan ($68) which has had the most lasting power of any Anthropologie product this year. Originally released in February, Moth unveiled a few new colors for this rollout. I own the cardi in beige and I'm pleased with how the gauze has held up. I have been hand washing or dry cleaning it and it's held its shape well. I feel confident in its long-term durability, enough to note that several colors would work with the outfit we're building here. Gold would make for an interesting statement. Grey solidifies the look as a summery take while dark grey or purple make for a more dramatic, mature take. (Note: I wouldn't wear the purple cardi over the purple tank, I'd pair it with the brown.)

With their laser cutouts the Pinpoint T-Straps ($148) almost look like rock formed to shoe. Yet despite the rugged color application these look very delicate and feminine. Another winner by Miss Albright and the perfect touch for this outfit. Some attention-grabbing earrings courtesy of the Cursive Medallion Earrings ($42) for the finishing touch and you are out the door and ready to be noticed.

This outfit isn't exactly a steal at $474 so here are some additional options:
2 + 16 (in purple) + 22 = $254
2 + 16 (in white) + 12 (in black) = $294
2 + 16 + 21 = $384

Outfits: Heading out with Delancey

main outfit: 1 + 25 + 6 + 13 + 20
For a breakdown of the numbers, please see this post.

Let's start at the very beginning (a very good place to start). Yoana Baraschi's Delancey Skirt ($128) has the grey-blue pattern that draws me in every time. There are a lot of circles going around for late summer/early fall but I prefer the the rectangles populating this silk-twill number. In my true size 8 this skirt sat true -- maybe a little tight around my thighs but all pencil skirts hug to some degree. My only worry is that the skirt will hike up throughout the day because of the slippery silk top.

I'm always impressed by Anthropologie's in-store outfit combinations. They match patterns in a way that I could never do but always love. On my own I keep things much more simple so this outfit remains pretty neutral with a pop of color. I added Edme & Esyllte's Annelea Blouse ($58), a work-friendly top with some lovely sweetheart ruching. Usually I size down in their tops but my true size 6 was the right size in this top to keep things locked and loaded. To combat the office air conditioner I selected the Tread-Filled Cardigan ($98) which feeds my obsession for embellished cardis. The length is great to cinch with a belt though for this outfit I'd probably wear it open to allow the skirt and top to be the stars.

Darling Delancey
Darling Delancey by roxyturtle

I love fun shoes and the Spice Chest Heels ($198) are no exception. I have not tried these on yet. But they were too alluring to resist. They remind me of spats in some ways; no flaps or buttons but the same color block look. And finally for a bit of pop I added Joe's Chipper Tote ($199). Like this outfit, the deep red will transition well from summer to fall. A couple of accessories added to the Polyvore set above and voilĂ ! A fun work outfit.

If $648 for one outfit gives you pause here are some alternatives:
1 + 4 + 10 (in dark grey) = $274
1 + 4 + 12 = $284

Glory be the new arrivals

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Anthropologie's latest round of new arrivals are collectively drool-worthy. And it's about time! Overall I have been unimpressed with everyone's summer collections. Lots of neutrals and muted colors have been a collective blah. Not so with Anthro's new stuff though. Finally I am starting to see why they called this collection Composition & Color. In fact, I am inspired.

Let's start by reviewing the pieces and giving them numbers.

1. Delancey Skirt ($128)
2. Accordion Panel Skirt ($168)
3. J Brand Dark Vintage Low Rise Pencil ($187)
4. Grey Tie Top ($78)
5. Crisp Wings Blouse ($78)
6. Tread-Filled Cardigan ($98)
7. Composition Book Dress ($128)
8. Morning Leaves Cardigan ($98)
9. Reversible Knotted Tank ($68)
10. Stretching Acres Cardigan ($68)
11. Inara Racerback ($48)
12. Tie-Front Cardigan ($78)
13. Spice Chest Heels ($198)
14. Pinpoint T-Straps ($148)
15. Summer to Fall Slingbacks ($148)
16. Ruffle Tier Tank ($48)
17. Back Patio Sandals ($82)
18. Starry Bough Earrings ($28)
19. Cursive Medallion Earrings ($42)
20. Chipper Tote ($199)
21. Tuscan Rooftops Satchel ($168)
22. Full-Circle Belt ($38)
23. Christelle Scarf ($38)
24. Non-Chalant Sunglasses ($28)
25. Annelea Blouse ($58)

The outfits start tomorrow!

Email: Adios, ironed. Sayonara, starched.

I'm not sure I really get the concept of today's Anthropologie email. Aren't all clothes 3D? And home items? But I'm more than willing to give them a pass because 1) I can relate to how hard it is to come up with copy for 3 emails a week and 2) the art is gorgeous.

I really like the close-up product shots on the landing page. Nothing fancy; they're just simple, well-done macro shots. I totally approve.

Email: New swimmy swim swim

A new swimsuit would be really handy here in NYC right now, where Mother Nature is having her practice run for the next Great Flood. And maybe when the sun comes out we'll all flock to the beach to be a bum in the sun. Anthropologie is taunting with their email about new swimwear.

I'm impressed by how many one-pieces they carry. In this bikini-obsessed era it's nice to see some more demure (but still sexy) options. Their stuff has been popular among my circle this summer. One friend invested in the Majesty Palm Maillot ($178, fits TTS she reports), another in the Arabian Nights Maillot ($198, also TTS but the bottom coverage is a little slight) and a third in the Botany Sketch Bikini ($88/ea, bottom runs a bit large) featured in the email.

The email also reminds of cover-ups and eyewear. I really like the Sunfaded Shades ($24) but they are far too large on my face. I have been noticing the movement back towards round in eyewear which gets an unenthusiastic raspberry from me. I'm searching for the perfect white Chanels.

Reminder: RSVP today for Vera!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Just a reminder for NYC-area Anthro fans...Anthropologie is holding a celebration at their Rockefeller Center store on June 25th dedicated to the work of the amazing Vera Neumann. Today is the last day to RSVP. Click on the image above for details.

Bump:The Trade Market

Once again I'm going to let last week's Trade Market post run for two weeks. Thanks to all the participants so far! I hope that you are having success. You can also run through old Trade Market posts here.

Poll: Raffle-style contest?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hi ladies, it's poll time once again. I have been dying to run a contest on the blog. I've reached out to Anthropologie directly to see if they'd be interested in sponsoring a contest. No word back yet and honestly it's a crapshoot if I even reached out to the right person over there. I'm pretty dead-set on running a contest anyway.

So I wanted to run an idea by you. Would anyone be interested in doing a raffle-style contest? I would use Paypal to collect the money and 100% of the money (minus the stupid Paypal fees) would go towards the prizes: Anthro gift certificates. My goal would be 200 raffle donations of $5/each. That allow for some pretty sweet prizes: 1 $500 gift card, 1 $200 gift card and 4 $75 gift cards.

200 people is a very small portion of the readership so I feel like this is a pretty attainable goal. And certainly if more people want to donate (or buy multiple "raffle tickets") I will put all of that money (minus the stupid Paypal fees) towards gift certicates. Then only people who donated would be eligible to win. If the drive ended with less than $1000 I would still move forward buying the prizes.

I want to make it very clear that no one should feel obligated to participate. This is just one of several ideas I'm batting around (there's a reason my About Me icon has a question mark in her head!). The poll will run for 7 days and comments are open in this post for feedback or ideas.

On the lookout for...Asymmetric Architecture Jacket

Friday, June 19, 2009

I generally try to avoid white clothing like the plague. You see, things like dirt, dust, spaghetti sauce, makeup swipes and the like are attracted to me and they settle nicely and irremovably on my nice white things.

But I've already broken my own rule twice this spring with Joe's Jenny Honeys and the Looped Aster Tank so what's one more detraction? This weekend I'll be looking for the Asymmetric Architecture Jacket ($98) in-store. From the online product shot I really like the length, especially in this spring of boxy and short. The arms look really long too which means I may have to cuff them. I don't mind.

Of course what's drawn me in the most are the offset buttons. This could either look fabulous or like a sous chef's work wear. Won't know til I try it on -- and I'm excited to. Will you be looking for anything Anthro this weekend?

Email: Perpetually Pleasing Heels

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Very cute email shot, Anthropologie. A little bit of romantic whimsy goes a long way towards turning my frown upside down. This time it's all about shoes which I heartily approve of. Click though and you're shown shoes that will transition from spring to summer to fall.

And these are my new best friends. They are the Complement & Counterpoint Peep-Toes ($138). I guess nubuck is going to be the thing for summer/fall this year, not that I am complaining. It's so wear and tear resistant. And the bows? Pretty without being over the top. I hope that these hit stores but if they don't I now know that I can take advantage of free shoe returns on orders through June 30. With the free shipping promo that amounts to free shipping both ways. Not too shabby.

Of Specialty Shops and Pop-Ups

photo via Racked

Yesterday the lovely Alexis over at J.Crew Aficionada ran a post about J.Crew's new accessories room at their Prince St (Soho/NYC) store. I've barely stepped foot in J.Crew this season because the clothes have been so sadly boring but this marketing ploy worked. I swung by yesterday to see what all the fuss was about. And I must say the room was set up nicely although it was a bit tight to navigate.

At the risk of sounding monkey-see-monkey-do, I would love to see Anthropologie do something like this. Really J.Crew's room isn't groundbreaking anyway; this is something Forever 21 discovered last year in their NYC locations and boutiques have been doing for years. What I do applaud about making the move now is two-fold: first, J.Crew gets items that are normally online/catalogue only into the store just like they did with their Madison Ave collection store; and second, they're diversifying their product offerings in a down economy and publicizing it to draw in finicky costumers like me.

Just a short 5 minute walk west from that Prince St store is Anthropologie's Soho location. I stop in at least 4 times a month. I believe this is the smallest of their 3 NYC locations and while they carry a range of the wide variety of items that Anthro sells anything that isn't clothing is slim pickings. They have "selected shoes." They have some jewelry. They have a few bedding choices and admittedly a pretty good home selection.

Normally when I shop I plan out my purchases from the online store and then head to the brick & mortar version. And while Anthropologie successfully draws out the impulse shopper in me it's still disappointing when an item online isn't available in-store. For clothing usually patience pays off and the item makes it in eventually. But shoes, jewelry and accessories are never guaranteed to make it in. So items I would buy come and go because the shipping costs stop me from pulling the trigger. The current free shipping promotion helps. I have bigger ideas though!

It would be great to see Anthro open a home store version of themselves but somehow I don't see them doing that in this economy. There are other options. For example, right now in NYC pop-up stores are all the rage. A well-known brand will rent a store-front for a month or so and offer a specialty selection of a larger line. Most people wouldn't admit to shopping at Target (unless you call it Tar-jay) but when the red target opened a pop-up store for 2 weeks all of a sudden people were willing to pay a premium for eco-friendly laundry detergent.

I'd love to see Anthro open an accessories pop-up store in Manhattan. Smaller store footprint overall but with a wider selection of shoes, adornments and accessories than what the 3 locations currently offer. No clothing. Just more hats. More scarves. More shoes. And for the love of everything holy more bags please! This idea could easily translate across the country or at least into urban areas. It plays into the current shopping zeitgeist: I can shop my closet for clothes...but maybe I'll buy a new scarf to show versatility. Or a new pair of shoes. Or a great new bag.

Am I off my rocker? Or would you stop in to an Anthro Adornments pop-up?

Inspiration :: Bags

Wednesday, June 17, 2009