Friday, May 29, 2009

Wish List: June 2009

It's been a pretty slow week with Anthro. Barely any emails or news. I suppose they're focusing on the sale but they haven't added much online so I'm already looking forward to June! Plenty to look forward to and wish for.

1. Bold printed dress.
For when you need a little pow in your life. Anthro has quite a few to choose from. My three faves are above, from left to right: Bellis Brushstroke Dress ($298), Buttoned Watercolor Dress ($148), Orchard Labyrinth Dress ($148).

2. A top with flourish.
Something to catch the breeze or maybe a few double-takes. Currently pondering, from left to right: the Swept Away Top ($48), the Skyward Tank ($68), and the Textured Neckline Tank ($88). Love the pattern of the Textured Neckline Tank too -- kind of looks like water rushing up or maybe fireworks.

3. A simple but pretty adornment.

Like the Little Things Necklace ($24) above.

4. A deep blue leather purse.
I'm not gonna lie, my top pick for this item is 7 For All Mankind's Canberra Hobo ($500) but since I have bills to pay the Much Obliged Shoulderbag ($188, above) is a pretty awesome backup plan.

5. One more pair of sweet summer sandals.
I've had good luck finding a couple of pairs of sandals. I'd like one more to complete the set and the Rave Review Sandals ($50) just might fit the bill.

That's my wishlist for June, what's on yours?


Rosefever said...

That little things necklace is so pretty, you've just given me a new thing for my wishlist~

Ruffles and Heels said...

Great finds! I added a few of your picks to my own wishlist...thanks! I love the swept away top! And the price is great too! I won't have to stalk it until it goes on sale :)

lilac cupcake said...

I have been searching high and low for the Cormorant Button-up by Floreat in a size 6. I found a size 4 on ebay, but alas it is too small. I know it's such a long shot, but if you have any leads I'd really appreciate them.

Other than the Cormorant blouse, there isn't a whole lot I am wanting right now. I just picked up the Quiet Light dress and the Esmee dress. The only other thing I am eyeing right now is the Swept Away top ... so pretty!

roxy said...

Hi lilac_cupcake, such a cute top. I am on the lookout for its cousin the Charisma Blouse. I haven't seen either as of yet but if I see a 6 I will snag it for you. If anyone else sees the Cormorant Button-up and would like to post at which store that would be wonderful!

goldenmeans said...

That Swept Away tank is breathtaking! I somehow missed it when checking the new arrivals I think, so thanks for highlighting it :)

lilac cupcake said...

Thanks roxy! I will keep an eye out for the Charisma as well. I hope we find them somehow :)