Sunday, May 17, 2009

Reviews: The New Math Dress

I can't decide how I feel about the New Math Dress ($218). I know that I like it...I know that I think it's pretty. But is it so throwback that it becomes almost costumey? I saw "Guys & Dolls" on Broadway recently and I could easily see this dress fitting in to the show. Then again I feel like you could totally rock this for a day on the Boardwalk. Or in the park. But are those two purposes also too ham-fisted? Not really sure.

The bottom of the dress is thick twill with a seersucker-esque quality to it while the top is silky, flowy and free. I had to size up in this Sunner dress. One size up to an 8 fit well on top but the skirt was a little bit tight around my thighs. A 10 was better in the skirt but too large on top. Had I bought it yesterday I probably would have gone with the 8 and cursed the curves.

The dress has a wide tie back made of the same twill as the skirt. It also has a side zip and I noticed something odd: on the size 10, the zip is in front of the sash but not on the size 8. On the 10 you could clearly see what looked like a defect in the skirt of white material at the side seam but was actually just the zipper's side material. This material probably ran 3 inches down from the waist. It kind of looked like if I'd taken the dress to a tailor to be let out and they'd just stuck random material in instead of matching the skirt color. On the size 8 however the zipper was behind the sash so you could not see it when the dress is tied. Very weird.

The dress is high-waisted. It would look great on someone with awesome legs! (So does every dress, I know.) I would not recommend this dress for people under 5'4" because the short top of the dress does give a bit of a vertical squish. I liked the ruffly top and didn't find it too overpowering. But because neither size fit me perfectly back to the rack this went.


val said...

Oh, I have this dress and I love it. My zipper was behind the sash. I think this would be fun to wear to the boardwalk, like you said or a summer wedding. It's pretty.

Stacie said...

I think this dress is pretty, was it short? Does it hit at the knee or more at the thigh?It looks like it would be too short for my liking but its hard to tell from the picture.

It would be great for a wedding or really anywhere here in Cali in the summer.

roxy said...

It is definitely gorgeous. I'm having a hard time waiting on this one. Stacie -- it hit a couple of inches above my knees, about mid-thigh. Closer to mini-length than knee-length.