Saturday, May 16, 2009

Reviews: Cherry Grass Maillot

The Cherry Grass Maillot ($258) has an appealing grass pattern and a ruffly accents on the decolletage. And it has an underwire! This top is now out at the Rockefeller Plaza store in NYC but where the heck was it last week when I needed it??? Actually it was probably out and I missed it.

I love the glamour/throwback swim fashion right now and this one-piece fits right in. It is a bit understated and the pattern all over is a bit more difficult to pull off than say, solid black. I tried on a size 8, a size 10 and a size 12. The 8 was really small on me! Like, laughably so. The 10 was much better. The 12 was a bit loose in the bottom to the degree that I would worry about saggage after swimming. So if I was to buy this I would get the 10.

The suit has enough give in the chest area to hold d-cups. I would describe it as kind of like a Victoria's Secret swimsuit though in that you give away a little bit. The suit will be more demure for sizes a through c-cups. The removable halter strap was way too long on me also -- I'd have to trim it a bit to assist in holding me correctly.

Not a grand slam but certainly a nice option. Way to go Anthro!


Teri said...

A - is for Adorable! And gee, I don't know you, but I almost think you are worse than me about Anthros... notice I use the word ALMOST... I just bought a bunch of things there yesterday (and the middle of last week, etc...). Kindred Spirit I suppose.

roxy said...

Hee, I can't help it! I'm probably in Anthro once a week shopping for projects and every time I go in they have new, cute stuff out. I'm no financial role model that's for sure. I do have lots of cute clothing though. What did you come away with?

Teri said...

Let's see, the other day it was hot so I thought the White Ruffled Tier Tee would be cute. While I was their my daughter bought a dress for a dance that was on sale... the Cummerbund Dress in Teal. And then some of their glass lanterns for outside. Previously that week was the Lost Locale Blouse in Green with White Joes... for a dinner I was going to with friends! Uh, see what I mean?

roxy said...

I gotcha. And I relate. =)