Thursday, May 21, 2009

Quick Hits: New Dresses

When I came home last night with my fifth Anthropologie shopping bag in as many days it raised some eyebrows in my household. Legitimate. While my spending at Anthro is about to go on hold for awhile it doesn't mean I can't try stuff on! Anthro has been unveiling some appealing dresses over the last few weeks and a bunch are on my wish list. Quick hits below.

The Pearland Dress ($128) by Maeve has a western flair but says preppy to me. Love the button/ruffle detailing on the corset top. I'm always leery of strapless dresses but this one could easily do the transition from park or beach to lunch or shopping. I tried this dress in a medium and it fit wonderfully.

The New Idyll Dress ($148) is uh-may-zing. Love the skirt. Love the scallop-trim top. It kind of reminds me of the lovely aprons Anthropologie is carrying right now but it's something so much more. My true size 6 was kind of roomy. This one might require a size down to a 4.

I have not seen the Texture Pairing Dress ($198) in-store yet. But it looks really cute on the website. Has anyone seen this at their local Anthro?

The Spun Sugar Dress ($138) fits like a dream in a size 6. I adore the 'mocha icing trim' on this dreamy masterpiece. The lace and pintucks combine to build a flattering shape and the skirt catches the air nicely when you twirl. A winner in my book.

A little reminiscent of 'Heidi' to me, the Brightness & Shadow Dress ($148) by Burlapp takes chiaroscurro to confectionary delight. The skirt has exquisite little details right below the waist. It would be so much fun to wear this dress on a summer day! The 6 was a wee bit tight on top so I'd probably size up to an 8 to buy.

More free and flowy comes via the Blissful Days Dress ($118). Airy gauze makes this dress light to wear but also means very little support. The basketweave back expands freely enough so that a 4 fit me fine, but the back is too low for a bra so this is a no-go for me. It's beautiful to admire though.

The Stormy Seascape Dress ($158) drew lots of fans in stores. I watched guest after guest take one from the rack to try it on -- how could I not? This is another frock that would require a strapless bra but the results are well worth it. The thick straps minimized my shoulders while giving my clavicle a nice little featurette. It pulled in my waist even more than normal and made my hips look blessedly porportional. A true delight from Sine in my true size 6.

How about you? Which dresses have you tried on? Which ones do you want to?


Rosefever said...

I love both the New Idyll dress, and the Spun Sugar Dress. I have them both I couldn't help myself.

burntphotograph said...

i have purchased the esmee dress in blue (tts) and california iris dress (sized down); and, the bud-to-bloom dress (tried on tts), scholar's garden dress, spun sugar dress, and ballia dress are on my wishlist. :)

Melanie said...

I tried on the idyll and spun sugar dress and couldn't resist buying the spun sugar one. I love the little buttons on the front and it is so cute. The only thing that I don't like is that the strap where it hits my shoulder actually doesn't rest right on my shoulder, it pokes up a bit. I think it gives me a bit of a gladiator feel. ;) I wonder if that is because it's new and stiff now?

Teri said...

Hmmm, what can I say about Stormy Seascape... only that it was put right OUT FRONT on the day of the BIG sale. How could they? I was trying to buy everything on sale that day and there was STORMY SEASCAPE! Oh brother, I am such a sucker for their completely obvious consumer selling techniques. Like a kid in a candy store!

Fatima said...

Hello, I'm new here. I soo badly wanted the Floating Lotus dress to wear for my college graduation..but nooo they have no stock and all out of sizes. My grad would have been good if im able to wear that dress..

roxy said...

What a bummer Fatima. Looks like the dress is backordered on the site. I wonder if this is like the City Siren Heels, which were featured in a catalogue a couple of months before Anthro actually got stock.

Here are three more options (non-Anthro) with a similar shape and floral print: option 1, option 2, option 3.

Lisa said...

I have the Blissful Days dress and want to layer it with a jacket or cardigan or something to make it look a little sophisticated. I have a bit of a tummy which makes me think I shouldn't have gotten this dress in the first place but I love it so much! Any advice?

roxy said...

Lisa - hooray! Such a lovely dress. I rustled up a few options quickly to give you some inspiration.

From Anthro, the best option I see is the Stretching Acres Cardigan. Love that sweater. It has a gentle appeal like the dress and wears comfortably loose. Another option if you're looking to go a bit more hippie hipster is this tunic from Urban Outfitters. Wear it open or closed with a thick belt. This cashmere cardi from J.Crew is styled very well and the shell or celery would go well with the dress.

If you're looking for something more of a layering basic I'd try either Gap's Summer Cardigan or this open number from Old Navy. Hope this helps!

roxy said...

Looks like there's a comparable cotton version of the J.Crew cardi for a less expensive option.

Brisa said...
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roxy said...

Holy crap, enough with the blog spamming already! You want traffic for your crap? Make your own friggin blog. (spammers make me grumpy.)