Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Outfits: Long Weekend

Summer Lovin
Summer Lovin by roxyturtle

I can't believe it's almost Memorial Day weekend already. Wasn't St. Patty's Day last weekend? Not that I mind having an extra day to do whatever I please. I finally had some time this weekend to put together some new Polyvore sets devoted to a hop, skip and a jump outside. Don't forget your suncreen!

Summer Lovin | Cellular Division
Bum in the Sun | Seen in Soho

I'm actually kind of mad at Polyvore right now because they did something to their tag system and I lost a whole mess of Anthropologie item product names. Let me tell you, nothing in this meta-life of the blog pisses me off more than when someone asks me the name of a product and I can't tell them because it's not in my Polyvore item tags anymore. Graw!! Luckily since Anthro changed their product photos the product name is also the Polyvore item name. Bout time.


burntphotograph said...

i ordered that lilac halter in your "bum in the sun" look and it had holes in it when it came. the fabric is super, super thin and (apparently) tears easily. definitely wait for sale if you want to get it and be sure to inspect it carefully once you do! :)

Jennifer said...

I adore that "bum in the sun" look!

Teri said...

Yeah, I noticed that... Has anyone bought the "no name" ruffled heel shoe in cellular division? I love the ruffled tier tee so much I bought two in different colors so far, they go with anything. Bum in the Sun look is adorable! Thanks for all your fun looks!

Roxy said...

Teri, they are the Sedge & Heather heels. So cute, right?

Teri said...

So want those!

roxy said...

burntphotograph that is SO disappointing to hear because that halter looks too cute for words.