Kudos to the creative team

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Anthropologie's email blast today covers their colors aplenty page but since I beat them to the punch on Monday I thought I'd digress with some kudos to the creative team that designs the emails and writes the copy.

I don't know if it's one person or a team but whoever you are you do a great job! The emails are always aesthetically appealing and the slugs are catchy and well-written. I only rarely groan at the corny ones. I also like that Anthro almost always sends emails as one big image instead of multiple slices that break in some email clients (Outlook 2007, I'm looking at you using for using Word as your HTML rendering client unfrickinbelievable).

My first job in NYC was working for a large multimedia publishing company's circulation department. Part of that job was designing emails and landing pages and let me tell you it was thankless creatively. I always had 3 or 4 people telling me how the email should look and the answer was almost always ugly because that was supposedly what sold. My portfolio pieces were usually the B design. And whenever I did have some leeway and the campaign did well it was usually marketing who got the credit, not me.

So whenever I see a pretty email I hope it means that the creative mind behind the design has had free rein to organically create. That seems to be the case with Anthropologie -- even though they're marketing a product they do it in a well-designed way. Part of the overall brand statement. And I hope that Anthro recognizes how valuable their creative team is for extending their brand so well.

Usually I unsubscribe to email mailing lists because I get sick of being berated by 3 or 4 emails a week. But I truly look forward to receiving Anthro's emails. Yes of course it's partly because I love the brand...but I love other brands too and if they have fugly boring emails I have no problem clicking "unsub." The brand's entire online presence is well-designed and executed. Bravo!