Email: Big Friggin Sale in stores

Monday, May 18, 2009

Just when I was thinking that Anthropologie's sale section was looking a bit thin I get this email. Starting tomorrow Anthro is having their "biggest sale of the year." That's the good news. The bad news is that the email makes the distinction -- biggest sale in stores. Edit, update: The sale is online as well though the pickings are slimmer than in-store. With free shipping in the mix? Bonus.

I will swing by the store tomorrow for sure but I just dropped some serious coin at Anthro over the last two weeks so there'd have to be some pretty good deals...oh who am I kidding. I will be eagerly looking for deals. In particular it would make my wee little heart jump to see the Sweet Olive Shift ($168) or the Krasna Dress ($188) on sale. I've also been not-so-patiently hoping the Lucky Numbers Choker ($198) would go on sale.

As a frequent Anthropologie shopper I wonder if they're really bolstering the sale section or if this is just a ploy to get foot traffic in the door. I hope it will be similar to the holidays when there were extra racks up front at the Soho store. I'll report back either way tomorrow, and share any special interest items in the comments. What items are you hoping to see marked down?