No twitter love for Anthropologie

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Anthropologie's twitter feed just makes me sad. One frickin tweet. Come on Anthro, you can do SO much better than this. Your little sis store does so much better. Without further ado I shall demonstrate how easy it is to tweet for a day in the life of Anthro-po-po.

Woke up under a sea of moss next to a bicycle, a desk and a sewing machine. Realized I fell asleep in the home section again. Oops.
Wednesday 8:31 AM

In the associate's room to pick out some clothes for today. Dawning View Top ($88) + Joe's Knit Chelsea ($138) + Salt Caramels Belt ($38)? Perfection.
Wednesday 8:47 AM

Ooh, Penelope is totally wearing the same outfit. So wrong! Make promise to self to steal her yogurt.
Wednesday 8:49 AM

Just folded all the Pleated Petal Tank ($98) shirts into a diminuitive bouquet. Gorgeous!
Wednesday 9:57 AM

Yeah, that lasted all of 5 minutes.
Wednesday 10:05 AM

Currently running string from mid-store display to sides for new store display. Momentarily distracted by cat's cradle.
Wednesday 11:23 AM

Mmm, strawberry yogurt. Tra la, tra la.
Wednesday 12:13 PM

Nobody will notice if there's a girl asleep in the Savannah Iris ($58-$248) display, right?
Wednesday 2:21 PM

Cleverly hid myself under some Canakkale Floor Pillows ($128). Great idea until two kids decided to jump on the bed display.
Wednesday 2:53 PM

Stomach hurts. Can't decide if it's yogurt karma or the imprint of 5-year-old shoes on my torso.
Wednesday 3:08 PM

Spent the last 15 minutes moving the sale racks uncomfortably close together. That'll learn them!
Wednesday 3:36 PM

Hmm...this wall display needs more deer head.
Wednesday 5:17 PM

Listening to 2 customers try to pronounce the Xocalatl Dress ($158). Yeah, I don't know either. Zo-cal-attle? No idea.
Wednesday 6:24 PM

On runner duty this hour. Looking for the purple ruffly sleeveless top with swiss dots.
Wednesday 8:02 PM

Oh, the other purple ruffly sleeveless top with swiss dots. Duh!
Wednesday 8:06 PM

Closing time! Wandering home through fields and woods as usual. Ta ta.
Wednesday 9:23 PM