Forever 21's number just about up?

Monday, April 13, 2009

photo from WWD
Forever 21 top, Travota bottom

Depending on which side of the fashion food chain you fall on Forever 21 is either awesome for copying designer fashion at a sliver of the price or horrible for it. Now a court case by Trovata might endanger their ability to "flatter" more expensive labels.

From Racked:
The lawsuit is going to trial, and if Trovata wins, Forever 21 might have to be much more careful with their designs. Even if they don't, it sounds like the fast-fashion retailer's checkered legal past is beginning to catch up with it. In a separate lawsuit involving Anthropologie, a New York judge chastised the brand, saying, "We note the extraordinary litigating history of this company, which raises the most serious questions as to whether it is a business that is predicated in large measure on the systematic infringement of competitors' intellectual property." In other words, where there's this much legal smoke, there must be fire.

It will be interesting to see how this lawsuit goes. On the one hand, it's pretty obvious from the photo that the Forever 21 items are blatant copies. On the other hand, how many clothing items are truly unique? Would American Eagle sue Hollister for making similar tanks with a similar logo? Hard to say who wins here.