Thursday, March 19, 2009

Return of the Anthropologie promo code?

The Anthropologie-st, ever the detective, carefully gathers clues about the indigenous peeps she finds herself among. Buried in the history of this recently discovered civilization she finds evidence of previous promotional codes. The detective herself remembers a time where the Anthropologie-ites offered discounts of sorts to their people.

She finds ancient artifacts that record previous requests to the leaders of the Anthropologie-ites for a reward for their loyalty. Pretty please? Alas their calls fell on mostly deaf ears and reminders of their (guessed) brand code: discounts non applius!

But then one day what does she stumble upon?

Obscured in small font, it's a transcript not seen since the Expendius Plurus period! A promo code field during checkout! Surveys of related texts reveal nothing currently valid but there is mounting evidence that a discount of some kind may soon be heading our way; a well-timed thank you to the many who faithfully support Anthro perhaps? Or a misplaced relic that lives on to tease? I guess we'll see.


Anonymous said...

I hope they're headed this direction. I have several things I've been thinking of purchasing, and a coupon code would push me over the edge. Actually, I suppose for the sake of my wallet I should be hoping they don't reintroduce these!

Anonymous said...

That's always been there. I've noticed every time I've shopped there for the past year. Sometimes it's located in a different spot, but the promo code option has never left. Remember last fall when they would do secret codes like "dreams" that would give you free shipping? I loved that!

Anonymous said...

At the end of Jan., I received a gift coupon for $15 from anthro. caveat: you have to call it in the website does not recognize it.

Valerie said...

Retailers should be offering us some incentive to shop with them. There ARE other stores out there that want my money bad enough to offer me coupons! (but I love Anthro and wish THEY would take the hint!).